Proof of Retirement Income

What is acceptable as proof of retirement income in applying for a retirement visa? Is a pay statement enough or is something else required? I am retired from the US army and receive a monthly pension that exceeds the required amount.

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I just started receiving Social Security. I went on the site, and requested a proof of earnigs statement from them, and I had it in 4 days. I'm sure the same would be true for your situation. Just contact them on line, and I'm sure they'll have a place where you can request it.
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I went on the army retired pay website and found what I needed that I can just download and print off myself. It'll have to be translated and notarized I'm sure but looks like that is an easy one :)

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You might want to find out if your proof of income has to be apostillized.  That has to be done in the States, but you can get it translated here for much less.

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you will need a statement from the military pension to prove monthly retirement income at least for US$ 800, translated, certified and apostilled. Apostille is basically the only way to make a document have international validation, so it is essential. Apostilles however, can be done back in the States or at the US Embassy in Quito or the Consulate in Guayaquil.

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