not online chat here

better to have online chat windows

Hi merger spirit,

Chat would be great, but unless you've got a couple of hundred thousand extra greenbacks laying around that you want to donate to help that cause I don't see chat happening soon........ too darned expensive to set up.

William James Woodward - Brazil Animator, Expat-blog Team

I wonder how many of our international friends know what greenbacks are.

At least I don't.
Can you explain please?

$$$$$$$$ DOLLARS  $$$$$$$$$$

I thought so, just want to be sure :D

and i thought they were turtles

hELLnoi :

and i thought they were turtles

You are funny. :top:

They're not even as green as they used to be.

that is also the other currency we use in Vietnam called the USDee.
Outside USA, it is used called Euro dollar and is used to settle payments of supplies of oil.. till today!

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