guide for Iqama validity

      I had been working in a company in saudi Arabia from march 1st,2008 with a contract period of 2 years. But the company sent me back on April 16th, 2009 with 6 months unpaid vacation due to this recession though I had regular paid vacation. On Oct 8th, 2009 again that company called me back to rejoin with prior intimation of just before 4 days.I was unable to proceed in the same. My exit re-entry visa was expired on Oct 9th , 2009. But my iqama is valid till may 2010. How long I have to wait to work again in Saudi through other sponsor. Right now I am in India. Please kindly do the needful.


Dear Mehraj

You can request your sponsor to get your visa renewed giving genuine reasons for your delay in return.


Mohammed Mujeeb

and you can start processing a new visa from another sponsor immediately if your current sponsor gives you a "no objection" letter.

if not, worst case would be waiting (FIVE) years to be eligible.


I'm in Riyadh. I would like to know my current sponsor. Just to make sure because I've transfered to my new company. Thanks in advance.

And who's your sponsor ?

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