Custom digital fabric printing

Hi there i need some help , i have an artist friend coming to Ho Chi Minh from Australia  , she wants me to find someone that can do   Custom Digital Fabric Printing ,,, she wants to print her own images  onto lycra and other fabrics , cotton bamboo jersey , and linen etc.
LARGE images to printed 2 x 1 meter , so not just a tshirt printer ..
lots of colors ,  pictures actually some of them ,  must be washable dyes
Lots of separate images

Does anyone know where i can get this sought of stuff done ??  or where i would start looking ?

Has anyone had experience trying to print large images on fabrics ???

Thanks to anyone that can help me it would be greatly appreciated . Cheers

Can these 1m x 2m be done in two passes or must the bed be 1m x 2m?

we are looking to print on rolls of fabric , not sure what u mean by beds .
My friend the artist is looking to have her designs printed on a selection of fabrics ( poly lycra or cotton lycra- cotton jersey linen etc. . ) - so she can make a small run of clothes for an exhibiton -usually the fabric is supplied by the printer , but she can also supply the fabric

I have CNC machines. The material being worked on is set on the bed or workspace. It is the whole area that can be worked by the tool without moving the material being processed.

There are 1m x 1m printers - will these suffice, or does she require 1m x 2m?

im not 100% sure , i will get back to you , but i think she needs 2 m x 1 m , and also what does CNC stand for , thanks for your help its greatly appreciated ...

You experience in printing cloth for scarf? How much with you design and how much if with our design? What type of cloth you use? you have crepe cloth?

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