UK Expat looking for the best area to live.....


Will be moving to Muscat in the new year and looking at potential places to live. I need a 2 or 3 bed property which is ideally furnished. I will be working in the central dstrict, by all the car dealers so need to be close to the centre or not to far away. I will have a car so can travel though.

I would love to uderstand where other UK ex pats live and what it is like please.

The property would need to be modern and near amenties with other UK people around too please?


Hi Scuderia!
Welcome to Oman (A mountain wonderland).

It all depends on your budget. The more you can afford, the better you get.

Hello Scuderia Shields.

The Housing in Muscat section is at your disposal. Do not hesitate to post an advert there. ;)

Thank you,

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