New in town,,looking to know some people :)

Hey people,

My name is Bryan, 24, from the sunny state of California. Am new in town and looking for people to hang out with. If you guys are interested do drop me a message.

Have a nice day.


Hello Bryan.

Welcome to! :)


welcome onboard ^^

Thanks Aurelie and mikolovcoco :)

Join the Singapore Pub Crawl on the weekend, best place to meet some fun new people. :)

welcome oboard ,I am a new member of this blog too.

Holla Bryan,

Glad to meet you soon. A cuppa for coffee anytime soon?

Am Justin. 23 yo. Chinese from Malaysia. Recently back from Hong Kong.

Glad to make friends and catch up.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Justin. Cheers.

hey Bryan, welcome and Nomad too, would be cool to meetup for a few drinks sometime, let me know. cheers

Hey guys,

Thanks for all the post. Definitely would be nice to have a gathering soon :)

you people are so nice and welcome also in india my contact no +919822057454

hello there! anne here from manila, i'm actually considering to travel to singapore on my own but i don't have any friends there so I want to meet some people too ! :) now that'll make travelling alone more worthwile :)

Hi guys, do ask me along if theres any gathering :)
Am from singapore.

Anyone can pm me for my numbers to stay contact :P

Hey Bryan, welcome. Let meet up for some drinks

Welcome to SG, Brian. Pls lemme know if you plan any meetups

I also want to join in if any meetup local here :-)

Hello ! I am Sam ;)
I want to join when you guys hang out ! I just arrived here and am looking for new friends !

Hi Everybody, any plans for a meetup? would love to join!


Meet too! I wonna join!! And then have FUN together!! Hehe


Welcome to Singspore Anne, if you need anything PM me

Hello Brian....welcome to Singapore....well m moving in to Singapore soon :) hope u enjoy ur stay !!!!

Consider me as well :)

@ radnomaciotns: Please note that since you posted on an old thread; you may not have much replies

Would love to join if you've something planned as well.
My email's nairotciv[at]
It would be easier to call me if you're planning anything in the following weeks.
Shall bring along my friends local and internationals along.


hello everyone.... anyone still free to meet.... i know this is an old post. I'm looking to make friends in Singapore.

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