Accommodation at Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital, Riyadh.

Government hospitals ALWAYS offer swimming pool, gym and other leisure facilties in their accommodation, not all private hospitals. In government hospitals you will also have 8 weeks of paid holidays whiled only 35 days in private sector. But it is true that getting an offer from government hospital in Saudi is somewhat harder and takes longer to process...

Hi there,
I'm British and am in negotiations to work as a consultant orthopaedic surgeon at Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital, Riyadh.
I'm hoping to be put up in a 'western compound'. Is this something the hospital does? If so what are the amenities in the way of swimming pool, tennis courts and the like?
Thanks for your replies.

Great hospital - you will be well looked after!

Be very carefull, when I worked there they didn't have any european style accomodation.
I had to arrange everything privately. They refused to transfer me to any compound. I was there with my family.
Also be carefull, they may want you to share some of patients' financial  demands  if they are not satisfied with your surgery or other treatment. This is terrific place to work. Take care...

Buddy, be also carefull with the guy named Saleh al Turky who is a general manager, he is critically  awful creature, unpleasant and lowdown. He treats you like a slave....ask others who worhed in Arryan Hospital at Khurais Road. Take care...

Hi Robert, thanks for the info. May I pm you?

Yes Buddy, what you need?

When my little boy recently broke his arm we were really impressed with the service at Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital. I think you will be fine there.


MancDoc , HI

Yes they provide accommodation . What position are you intending to take up ? if you are a doctor depends if you area consultant or resident , consultants get 3-4 bedroom accommodation fully furnished to a good standard or else if you want to hire your own accommodation they pay you the money ( rent). Transport to and from the hospital is also provided

Yes the allowance is negotiable

Thanks for the reply. I've been offered the job of consultant orthopaedic surgeon. There are just the three of us and anything over two bedroom and above is fine. However I do wish to be housed in a western compound. Any idea if the hospital will budget for the extra cost of living in a western compound?

Again, as far as I know they don't have any western type accomodation, you will be placed in apartment. They will not cover any extra expenditures for the accomodation. All is up to you.
Until western doctors are still there the service is fine, but they loose western doctors for Egyptians.

According to saudi law your total housing allowance  is three times  your monthly basic salary. Basic salary is different and less than you have been proposed. It is not negotiable because it is regulated by law.
But some small selected consultants were given good places in western type compound,much more expensive than housing allowance. There are no rules. There is one american consultant lady who has western type villa in compound for weekend and another villa  in different place where she works for the week . The place is called Al Qassim and it is well know for its islamic conservatism.

Hi mandoc
A warm welcome to hmg
Firstly hmg has compounds for consultants , but it  depends on the availability and if u prefer to rent your own place , the allowance the hospital pays will get u nothing close to a western compound.

By the way , your appointment is for which branch of habib.


Thank you for info..
please mention which compounds are available for consultants from HMG,
I would be grateful to be better informed.....

Hi Drsidd
Have you any idea how much the hospital pays a consultant as housing allowance? In addition, have you any idea how much a house is in a western compound for a 3 bedroom villa / apartment?

Hi sjoseph
I cant qoute the prices because i wouldn't  continue here beyond one contract, so didn't  care to inquire much, about any thing. But one thing good about living in the hospital accomodation is free and good house maintainance service.
For prices of wetern compound, u will get adequate info from the forum and your housing allowance, ask directly the HR team in contact with u.
u are welcome

you will get 90000sr per year.

I am offered consultant post with HMG. Paperwork still ongoing....can any one give some update on accomodation offered by hospital? Are there really any western compounds? What is apartment like and what about villa? Does it need to be requested in advance or is renting private accomodation possible at later date?

Is there any Ophthalmologists on the Forum?
I am an Ophthalmologist coming to work at the HMG Medical City in Riyadh.
I will appreciate some info regarding accommodation and working conditions please.

How are you? Are you living there now?

I am in Jeddah.

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