Looking for a job in Alanya, girl from Norway

I'm a girl from Norway who gonna move to Turkey (Alanya) after new year, and I'm very interested in finding me a job there. So I would loved if you tell me if you knows about a nice job in Alanya!  I can be interested in everything like working at hotel, bartender/restaurant ++, just let me hear. Hopefully in a Norwegian company, but I open for everything.
I can speak norwegian, english, and have start learning turkish, and I understand swedish, danish, and a little bit german.

So can someone help me, and maybe tell me where I can try finding a job?
Thank you

Hi and welcome to the forum lissjaa!

Maybe you should try posting an advert in the Alanya jobs section.
It might help!


thank you :)

there are some couple of norwegian restaurant in alanya you should look at them . the place where is the central of city. good luck

thank you :)

I have been in Alanya since last year, Maybe I can help you.

Hi my new friend am kelvin on this platform and would love to help as a friend reply so we chat more thanks

Hi, half Turkish half English guy from the UK here, would love to settle in Alanya or Antalya, and work.

I live in Alanya,I am sue you can find job in Alanya,do you have date to move in here?

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