Scuba Diving

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Hi,you can go to InterContinental Al-Jubail and check with them there. It's a nice place. a bit pricey but worth it.

Dear All,
Presently 2 diving centers are there in Jubail.  Easy to contact is Pearl Diviers, KARAN Hotel Building, Fanateer, Jubail.
I contacted them, decided to go for e-learning course.  Hopefully, I will be diving by end of May 2014.  Really exited! :D

I want to learn scuba diving, how much is the fee, are you a PADI?

Hi there... yes I am PADI, fee 2000 SAR

How about the equipment? I don't have anything.

For training I am providing all the equipment.. except snorkel, mask, fins and wet suit

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Hi there, im not promote any thing.... people ask me questions and i just answer them

Yah sure that will be my first time but am really interested.

Why it takes so long time for u to dive, end of May??

Hi there, if u want to do the scuba open water diving course contact me  0551665528 (Riyadh)

I would like to join you guys as you need two more members to join your group. :)

Dear, Could you please tell me about the procedure of Scuba Diving Training?

yes I am.

Hello Irfan Quddus

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Kenjee Team

i want to get back into diving - what is best contact in Riyadh to call.
the dive shop near sheraton / Momra has oved - any idea to where?

I harris

Hi ...I'm female..staying in riyadh ..Im intrested in diving there any diving activities for female in a jubilee. ..?.is would want to know..plz informed me any one..

i m interested in scuba diving in and around damma khobar jubail. i wanna try it here. can u help me with getting any info abt diving here

I think when u move there ..u can find sucba dive shop n ask them ...they might help u with that..

Good evening sir, I see your posts regarding scuba diving and it so happened that I want to learn and get certified so I can dive when I go back home to the philippines. The rates here might be a lot lower. Can you point me to the right direction? I live in jubail and the internet shows results from jeddah. Thanks.

Sir, where can I take open water course here in jubail?

Hello everyone,
anyone around here who can tell me how can I get license in Al Hasa.. and approximately how much will it cost?

hi this jack , from india .... i noticed ur add for scuba.
actually am new to saudi...
looking for good friends in khobar...
am ready to join with u

Hello, I'm 24 years old and really interested in Diving. I can basic swim but that's it. Can someone help me with getting into diving and also from the forum I understand we need a license so how to get it?? I'm from Dammam originally and I work six to seven days a week. But I can make the time if needed on weekends. Please let me know more about this.
Thanks again

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