Looking for a job in Goa (or elsewhere in India)

Hi, everyone! Any suggestions for a job in Goa? I am a Russian / English teacher. I have extensive working experience in other fields too, like marketing and business development in retail. I am currently in Malaysia, but would love to go to India. Would appreciate your ideas! :-)

Hi Mija!

Work permits for conventional streams are a little difficult to get in India unless you were previously employed in the top management and you need to be making at least US$ 25,000 per annum to qualify for the work permit.

However, if you apply for a job in translation services or as foreign language teacher (Russian) in India, you will be exempted from the US$25,000 per annum salary requirement.

All the best for your job hunt

Yes, that info I have from before as I was working before in Goa for a local police as a translator, the thing is I was for a year there on a tourist visa. I was just extending it every three months with a local agency (which is illegal, I know, but everyone was doing it). I am not looking for a job in a huge corporation, just a teaching job, something simple, and I know how to get away on tourist visa :-) Thank you for your kind reply!!!

Hi Mija,

This is Raja from Chennai...Working for Sales & Marketing i an MNC..R u open to work in Chennai?

Hi, Raja! Yes, I am ready to work in Chennai - pls email at vedra1974[at], and thank you for contacting me!!!

Hi.. I lived in goa for 3 years and I know almost every nook corner and happenings here..  most of the Russian work as a guide here.. you can earn upto 400 $ in season time.. the company will provide u accommodation.. and they usually issue 6 months visa.. another option is translation job.. if you are good in English.. try jobs as a translator in any hospitals here

hiii.. as far as i know its very easy for you to find a job here.. as you know fluent english and russian, most of the russians work here as guide..  The payment is not very high as in Europe , but they prefer to work here because of climate and life here.. you have to start searching for that from adds and online job aplications from Russia..

also you can try working as Russian Transalators in Companies and Hospitals , becos of high number of russian tourists and patientts..

but i advice you to thoroughly compare cost of living and living expenses here.. so you wont be in trouble..
i apreciate if you need an more sugessions or advices.. feel free to ask

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