Approve a calling visa in Malaysia

Hello may i know how many months do they approve a calling visa in malaysia

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well buddy its depend on calling nature ,u shuld mention the asking calling nature then we can let u know exactly ,but in general it takes 4 to 6 week time to get approval visa calling.

what is calling vissa  how i chik

i am looking for a calling visa in malaysia by a company in malaysia for packing or security guard work

What on earth is a "calling visa"???

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Hi. Sir Plz Tell Me Sir I Appliyed Calling Visa Last Two Month Sir Plz Enform Me How Time Approve My Visa Status Plz Sir..

How Much Time Approve A Calling Visa Sir I Appliyed Calling Visa Last Two Month How Much Time Approve My Visa Plz Guid Me Sir..

The recruitment process usually takes about 3 months to complete.

The Visa with Reference (VDR) is the last stage.

It allows you to go to the Malaysian consulate in either Mumbai, Chennai or Delhi to collect the VDR stamp in your passport.

Sir What Is Vdr Plz  Guid Me I Applyed Last Two Month Is Complete Sir How Many Time Remaining Approve The Visa..

Plz Enform Me Me Status I Mean My Visa Prosecc Where Now, 50% Or 80% How Many % My Visa Approve....

Sir My Visa Not Approve Now I Talk To you How Many Times Approve The Visa My Pasport No Is J2437278 Plz Check The My Stas Where How Many Time Approve Visa Now Two Month End How Many Time Apprive Visa Prosecc...

How Many Time Approve Via...

The Visa With Reference you must get yourself from Malaysian embassy before you can travel.

Have you taken your medical test? You must take this before you leave your country.

You will get a Visa Approval Letter (VAL) to take to the Malaysian embassy (consulate) for your VDR (Visa With Reference)

There are Malaysian consulates at Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai and you could contact them to see if they have a VAL for you

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