Another lonely soul

Yes here is another lonley soul : )
Just arrived in Buenos Aires to do a TEFL course with the view to stay on here , am def here for 3 months whatever happens. I am staying in San Telmo area in a rather run down" appartment " but at least its a roof over my head and cheap : )
I am from the UK , 44 years old ( turning 45 on Tuesday 20/11 ) and am feeling a little lost and alone , well I am alone really : )
Would love to meet up with someone , anyone really for a coffe / beer chat and maybe someone to show me around ?
Thanks in advance

Hello Simon.

Welcome to! :)


Hi, Simon. Welcome to Buenos Aires. Every Friday night a group of expat souls meet in different bars in San Telmo for a drink. We have no economic interest, we are just a bunch of people who want to end the week with a bit of fun. The group id open for tourists, long-termers, expats and locals alike. Check us out on Facebook under Frinking and come out with us :) Hope to see you around Paula

Hey Paula
Thanks a lot , sounds good and I will def take advantage of this : )
ill just pop onto FB as well and take a look
Thanks again

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