Wedding in Copenhagen

Hi everyone!

I wanted to ask if anybody knows what is the best way to celebrate a wedding in Copenhagen with a limited budget? First we thought to get married in winter but decided to postpone to summer for all the friends from all over the world to make visas, passports etc plus the weather is nicer.

My question is do you know any nice cute place where we could have a reception with about 30-40 guests? Or would it be cheaper to order the food and buy our own drinks and to rent a place for that? I am novice in Copenhagen. SOS :)

Hello Onegina,

Welcome to expat-blog and congratulations :)

I hope you will get some advice soon.

Good luck,

There are halls you can rent I used to work in a restaurant that has a separate hall where you can bring your own food and drinks or buy it all there, or any combination, try giving them a call +45 33 91 11 48.
There are many other pleases like that around.

Hope it helps.


Sarah! Thanx a lot! This is what I was looking for - a place not far from City Hall and where we could possibly bring our own food and drinks (or order catering) which will be much more cost efficient than ordering restaurant.

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