how i can marry a german national?


   i have a boyfriend a german national, were already engage in this time. we are now 2 years together, but he cannot live always here in philippines becoz his not a pensioner. we want to married in spain or in germany, but until now we dont know how it works or what the way is . i hope that anyone here can answer my question or give what is the way to marry a german national!! we love each other so much, he always visit me or sometimes he live here in philippines for a while, but awe always know that it dont work that we live together in philippines, so we desided to marry in germany or in spain so that we dont leave each other. and we always stay together!! pls i need some help for this???

thank you so much!!

Although it is possible for a foreigner to marry a German in Germany, the buerocrazy is pretty complicated - a friend of mine needed 6 months preparation and over EUR1000 in fees (mostly for official translations of documents - even English is not accepted here!).
If it is possible to marry in your country (as it was in our case, without any hazzle), you should consider doing that. Getting a foreign marriage legalized in Germany is much easier!

I don't understand why your boyfriend cannot get information from the Marriage Registry office (Standesamt)in any city hall (Rathaus) in Germany - which is easy to get! You must get married in Germany to get protection under the German law. Nowadays, some Westerners are very cunning - and prefer to marry in the Third World where women are usually not protected equally and for the men, to escape easily from paying a fair share in a divorce. Further, these kind of men might also be already married in the West and hence, prefer to keep the girlfriends/fiancee as mistresses, as if sexual slaves, since to take more than one wife is a criminal offence in the West.

It's easy process to get married in Germany. Visit your fiancee in Germany and live with him, and on the next day you arrived, go straight to the Standesamt office. Tell how you've been engaged for two years and start the application process. Before leaving the Phillipines, make sure you have your birth certificate, your single/divorce declaration letter from the Church or City Hall in the Phillipines, to prove that you have been single at least for 6 months before. It's very cheap to get translation in German for the declaration letter on the internet in Germany when you're here; or can be recommended by the Standesamt.

Don't let anyone to fool you to get married outside Germany - you must protect your rights here if you want to live in Germany. You only have to wait for a short time if you have always been single or have all the documents needed, to get the permission to marry in Germany. You must stand firm and not let the Standesamt or anyone bully you. Because sometimes, women form the Third world, who wants to marry a German national are treated as if inferior as if they have other motives besides love and so on - for example, to get a German residency and so on! And yet, other women are not judged for whatever reason they want to marry - your private life is your business as long as it's not criminal! There are also women's group here who can help but it's easier if you're here in Germany. Take care.

The above poster is wrong on the legal aspect:
You always follow the law of the country you live in. That applies also to relationships (married or not) and divorce.
Thus if you divorce in Germany, German law applies - regardless of where you previously married!

> You must stand firm and not let the Standesamt or anyone bully you.
Yes, exactly: They will bully you (and your husband-to-be), with lots of buerocratic nonsense and asking for documents you have never heard of and will have problems to get.
One example is the "Ehefähigkeitszeugnis" (Certificate of Eligibility to Marry, or called "single/divorce declaration letter" by the above poster) from your home country authorities (Church papers are not sufficient!)? You cannot marry in Germany without one, but maybe your home country doesn't issue it, or not in a form that German buerocrats accept (which they'll only tell you after you got it issued, translated and notarized).
And official translations are NOT cheap, at €90/page or more!
Yes, it is POSSIBLE to marry as a foreigner in Germany, but it is probably less hazzle to do it elsewhere. (Or do you want hazzle to rule the happiest day in your life?)
Of course above poster's comments on unsincere Western men looking for cheap girls and girls marrying for the sake of getting a visa are true. I hope it does not apply to you, but it's worth keeping in mind.

Do you have problems with comprehension (in which case you should re-read what I posted above), or do you always retreat to abusive language when you run out of arguments?
In any case, please edit your post to remove the personal insults against me, which are not allowed on this board!

P.S.: I stand by my posts above and see no reason to advise the OP in any other way.

EDIT: Her offensive post was removed after I posted this ...

Hi! I am also from Philippines, and we got married in the Philippines, where divorce is not yet legal. Anyway, if you want, you can also take the same way we took, we got married there. First, he needs to get the Ehefähigkeitszeugnis from the city hall (Rathaus) where he lives. He must go there to ask what docs they need from you in order to process it, in our case, the Rathaus asked for my birth certificate, certificate of no marriage (both from NSO), cedula, affidavit of parents stating that I am really single, parental advice if you are below 26 years old, certified true copy of my passport and I had all these docs certified by DFA, it's what they call red ribbon, though some of my friends said that their Rathaus accepted it without red ribbon. Then all these docs must be translated in German (your fiance do that here) before sending to Rathaus to process his Ehefähigkeitszeugnis. Then wait, some Rathaus would conduct investigation on you and may ask for a notarized list of places you lived in, some Rathaus will not, it all depends where he lives. This Ehefähigkeitszeugnis processing is same, whether you will marry there in the Philippines or here. The difference would be once he got this Ehefähigkeitszeugnis, if you'll marry in the Philippines, he must fly there earlier to bring this Ehefähigkeitszeugnis to the German Embassy, the German diplomat will then issue the version that you need when you process the marriage license. It is a bit tedious and consumes a lot of time actually, because you have to wait for about 14 days before the marriage license will be released and it is only valid for 120 days. After marriage, you can then apply the family reunion visa. When you'd like here to get married, you have to apply for the marriage visa, the requirements you can find in the German Embassy website. Both visa processing may take a month to 6 weeks, all depends on the town you will be living. If in Spain, there are lots of things to consider, because if he's a German national, he needs to process his Legal capacity to contract marriage (Ehefähigkeitszeugnis) in Germany then bring it too in Spain where you want to get married plus any other requirements that Spain would need. Send me a message here if you have more questions.

Go to Denmark, its quick and super easy without any hassle! And it's a marraige fully recognised in Germany. You will need a couple of documents but its nothing that would take tons of time.

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please tell your German friend, that he should go to the German registry office. There he receives all the information you need.


im Lebanese and my fiance is german and we applied 13 days ago at the standesamt and immediately our papers were sent to the OLG in order to take decision in it.
any advice when shall we expect to get back with us with a decision?

thanks a lot,

Hey im lebanese and my fiance is german we applied for 1 month in standesamt nothing happen the papers still on her desk so we planned to go to denmark and I send them my papers but I need to know when we get married in denmark what I should do
( I take my marriage papers to lebanese embassy in denmark) or I take them with me in lebanon?
And were my fiance should go here in Germany to start doing my papers that's we're married now and she want me to come live here next to her ?
thank you

First get the marriage certificate legalised at the German embassy in Denmark, then apply for a family reunion visa to go to Germany. The embassy can tell you the details and required formalities.

Hallo I want to get marry with German women I'm indian living in spain

Roop Lal :

Hallo I want to get marry with German women I'm indian living in spain

Have you already found a German woman willing to marry you? This is a necessary (and not too easy) first step!

Yes I hv german women
we live together since( reg) 3 years in spain

Yes I hv german women we live together since(registred) since 3 years.
And already all paperenter in the reg. office

Hello Noura ,

I need your help ,
I'm engaged also to a German and since 1 month we are trying to call the Lebanese embassy to know the papers we need to present for the Court in Munich to proceed with the marriage .
Because in Munich they told us to take the paper for the embassy.
As I'm not getting proper answers and u already did it . Can you please help me .
Thanks in advance ,

plz tell someone how to use this app

hi! im new here.. i just want to ask how many days will I get a certificate of legal capacity to contract marriage in germany's civil registral ? thanks!

Hello, may i ask how long does it takes to get a legal capacity to contract marriage in germany and transfer it here in the germany embassy manila? Because me and my fiance are planning to get married here in the philippines. I hope somebody will help me out there, thanks in advance.

If you want to marry in your country, you need to fulfill your country's requirements and provide the needed paperwork, not the German ones.
When dealing with buerocrats in various countries, this is often tricky as they fail to understand other countries' formalities and language.
Now, I don't know what a "legal capacity to contract marriage" is. I suppose it is a document required in your country. It may be similar to a German "Ehefähigkeitszeugnis" (certificate of eligibility to marry), which your partner can get at his home town Standesamt (family registry). I am not sure if the German embassy in your country can issue this (I doubt it). In any case, you'll probably have to get the certificate officially translated, as all documents from Germany are in German language.

Hello good day, I would like to know what is the best possible site to met Filipino community in Frankfurt Germany and the easiest site for job there,I plan to visit soon by end of July this year, need your immediate response and help.Thank you.

Hi Ivy-gadina,

One of the best sites to find fellow foreigners in Germany is this forum. You can search for members of any nationality here:
Please also consider non-Philippinos as friends, as they can be nice people, too - and you don't need to travel half-way around the woirld to hang around with your fellow countrymen.

Finding a job greatly depends on your German language skills, plus of course your education and work experience, which you didn't mention.
Since you post here on a thread about marrying a German, I assume you will at least have a German residence visa and work permit through marriage, which makes things MUCH easier.

1. May I know what are the requirements needed of getting married in Denmark for German national and philippine national?
2. Applying marriage visa in Germany is more harder nowadays, as they required the applicant to submitt certificate of A1 German language skill as i cannot study this course due to my hectic work schedule. Does anyone knows some alternative steps?

1. Please ask about the Danish authorities' requirements for marriage in the Denmark forum, not here!
2. The A1 language skills requirement applies to spouses of Germans only. You could marry another EU citizen living in Germany instead. Or you get another kind of visa (student, work, etc.) that does not require it either.
But since you do need German to live in Germany, I suggest you change your mind about this!


I'm seeking for reliable advise/information, my husband is German national we got married in hongkong just this year unfortunately, i could not live with him in Germany as of now because I don't have A1 certificate as required by German embassy. My question is can I apply a National visa for LANGUAGE COURSE (student) ?? I really want to live with him, stay beside him and take care of him as he used to works very hard everday. I want to be there to look after him as he has hypertension it make me sick knowing that I'm not with him to help with his daily living. My husband told me to be patience as I have to enroll in Goethe Institute for learning German A1 language and after that I have to take the exam for A1 certificate and I can join him in his country, but the problem I could not wait for this long time process as I use to worry about him everyday if he's eating healthy food and doing healthy lifestyle.


You are  :offtopic: as you are already married.  Anyway, what your husband told you sounds reasonable, you must take the course/exam.  I realize it's hard being apart, but I doubt he is so fragile, after all he is working and presumably has health care to manage his condition.  Try to calm yourself and focus on learning German quickly.

As far as I know, you can apply for a student visa if you plan to attend a full-time language class at a recognised institution.
Contact the embassy to ask about the formal requirements!

Thank you for the helpful advised I feel relieved now. Thank you guys.

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