Before Getting married of Yemeni Girl

As a Yemeni girl got married from a foreigner man I Know a lot of things about it.

*first thing :getting approved by the family of the girl..(Part 1 the 1st difficult part)

*second thing: getting approval from the government.. which is the legal part before going to the Islamic marriage (part 2 another difficult part)
part 1 :-
- if you are a man and you want to get married from a Yemeni girl you MUST be a MUSLIM practicing Islam or not that's something between you and the girl but you have to expect that the girl and her family will ask you a lot about that .. if you are reverted to Islam you also must get Islamic certification from the mosque" Masjed" you became Muslim in this for later use also in part 2
- you have to meet her family to propose to her and bring either your family or in case you don't bring some well known respected people to support you and be like your referral's like you have people her family can get back to them when they need to ask about you ..
- if they approved you you will be asked about why you want to marry her and how she gonna live with you and where .. can you support her what's your qualifications,so many questions it's kind of investigation ^_^
- after that the the Dowry " Maher" +the Gold+ the wedding costs : you should know that the Dowry it depends on the family and what area but won't be less than 5000$+3000$ for the wedding cost(minimum according to my opinion )
Part 2 : the marriage approval ( permission to get married )
there are a lot of procedures the woman and the man must completed in order to legalize their marriage and also the do the religion Islamic  marriage
- the woman side :
1- passport + Id+ birth certificate+ Id photos
2-  approval of her  her father or brother any man of her relatives that is responsible of her to represent her and they must get that approval from the court close to their area.
- the man side :
1- passport+ photos+ birth of certificate copies and( will help a lot if he half Yemeni)   
2- if he reverted to Islam must bring Islamic certificate and can ask about that in the next Masjed or any Islamic institution in his country .
3- a health  certificate  to show he is free of AIDS updated one.
4- if the man will be not be in Yemen during the time of getting the approval .. then he must give the person who's gonna represent him power of attorney to sign and attend and apply on his behalf for that approval.
5- the man or his representer  write a letter to the mister of Interior in Sanaa and wait for his reply and orders on that letter.
6- there are some froms must be filled by the man and woman about 7 forms.
7- they have to get  letters and their replies from the National security office + Criminal investigation office + political  office)
8- then getting back to the  ministry of Interior - Immigration office Dept foreigners to get the final letter to the Appeal court of the city which the girl lives in
9- in the Appeal court you will be asked again fro all copies of papers ( coz they loooove papers a lot )  .. then you will get a letter to the Ministry of Justice - registration office
10 - in the registration office : they will ask for the man/his representer + the girl guardian + 2 witness of the marriage with their IDs and then going so many papers to be copied :D and finaly a paper to be singed by all the parties.
11- that paper is called the final permission :lol: take it and move ahead to the " Madoon "  shikh that is authorized legally and Islamically to do the marriage with no single word// I can give you my Madoon address :)
12- Get your marriage paper then back to the registration office to be registers in their records and the translate it to English in any legal translation office, go back to registration office to sign the translation paper ,at last go to the Ministry of Foreign Affair office to sing the original paper + transplantation one. they will ask to see all the papers you got don't worry.
.... when you get to this part...

..... Congratulation my friend ...... you did it ... enjoy now you are religiously   and legally married ......

Part 3 : do the ceremony of marriage  with out worry :P and take your wife from that hell of routines 

- if anyone has any questions,you can email me  to ask me whatever comes to your mind ...
keep up the spirit guys !!
peace up on you all

:one ald3dania, this will definitely help.


@ Harmonie Thank you I hope this will help

:one keep writing :)

Thank you glad you like it

iam two waiting for my dream queen she must from yemen

Hi romeaoshaikh,

Can you please introduce yourself, and tell us how can we be helpful to you?



Please advise if it is safe to go there at present
also advise how much budget I should have to marry a local Yemeni girl.
Thank you

Sir regarding your question about the budget I think I have referred to that in my post just take your time to read it. name is ismail  n i wnt to marry a girl frm yemen.i hve already tlked wid da family n dey hve agreed n ready.we love eachother n r happy but i have one question.will it cost me for da legal procedures?n how much?can u plz tel me abt da legal procedures n cost.i wil rily appreciate


:|  :(

Dear Alda3donia, Thank you for the very useful writeup. 

Can you tell whether the process of getting govt. approval and registration is different if an already married foreigner (Muslim non-Arab) wants to marry a Yemeni lady in a second marriage?

The lady has agreed.  What are the papers etc. the man should bring along to get things done quickly?

Any way to shorten the process?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Can you tell whether the process of getting govt. approval and registration is different if an already married foreigner (Muslim non-Arab) wants to marry a Yemeni lady in a second marriage?

The lady has agreed.  What are the papers etc. the man should bring along to get things done quickly?

Any way to shorten the process?

hello sir my name is anudeep iam loving one yemeni girl she is ready to marry me iam ready to take her to india the only problem is she is not having passport so what i have to do she cant apply for passport because of the war in yemen please help me

hai ald3dania,

will you please give me your /!\ I AM A STUPID SPAMMER /!\ to mail you regarding my relation with a yemeni girl.
iam not comfortable to post here.awaiting a positive response.

Hey al3dania,

Iam an Indian Muslim indian guy and she is Yemeni girl.but we both grownup in we can marry in the future legally?awaiting a positive response.

Hey al3dania,

Iam an Indian Muslim  guy and she is Yemeni girl.but we both grownup in we can marry in the future legally?does her family approve me to marry her.awaiting a positive response.

Good Post..Congrats. :one

To all of you guys asking about the marriage approval procedures,
First at all, going to Yemen is not the right decision now, coz of the War there, besides the ministries are not really working,you will be stuck in so much BSs.
Secondly, the marriage approval is applied on all foreign citizenship holders except those who has Yemeni IDs, passports,regardless if they are Muslim, even Arabs.
Also it doesn't matter if it's first,second,third,or forth marriage.
The third point,is if you really care to legalise your marriage, now because of the complicated situation of Yemen, you can contact the Yemeni embassy ,or counsel, in your country to discuss your marriage approval procedures.

Finally , my experiences and what I wrote about is about The Yemeni female with one only yemeni  citizenship,but Yemeni men they don't need the approval ,I think so as check about that.
only a girl trying to help about a situation I've personally had been through also my Gfriends, but not match maker marriage or social expert so stop asking me about getting you dates or meeting Yemeni girl to marry her !

Thanks to all,

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