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I am Asian American and read about how great Ecuador is as a retirement place. Any Asian communities in several cities in Ecuador? Is there any discrimination, perceived or otherwise experienced while living there? I can handle Spanish, but I definitely look Asian :D. Thanks if anyone can comment.

Hey Rick,
Seeing as no one else has replied... you're stuck with me.
I think the general consensus is that the Ecuadorians are a very accepting society. I saw Asians while I was in Quito & Cuenca and I saw no oggling of them. I would have to say the greatest presence I saw was from Japan. Not trying to mislead you in any way. It was not common to see Asians,but I did see them.
Last Spring being my first trip, I paid very close attention to the locals and how they seemed to react to visitors, and I would have to say they were the most accepting of any people I've encountered.
So, nope, you're not gonna have the population of Asians as in Frisco, but I'm sure the people will welcome you with open arms.
Take the trip, you won't be sorry.
Stay Well,

I’d like to update this thread. In my neighborhood there are Chinese and Koreans. The Chinese are mostly management level and executives, mostly young and with $, and they keep to themselves. There are also Chinese entrepreneurs mainly restaurant owners and I don’t know much about them but I can offer them advice about their food which is awful. If you’re going to have real Chinese food (think: Hong Kong) then please do so, and if not then make it at least ghetto delicious albeit fake Chinese like in N.A

The Koreans are all over Inaquito, they have at least 3 restaurants there as well as 3 korean  grocery stores. Obviously they’re enough that Mercado Inaquito has a Korean grocery store as well, although limited in variety. Hey I’m supper happy with the Korean Shops because I love kimichi and I make a great one, and it’s not possible without Korean flaky chilli, $20 a kilogram by the way.

I searched for Filipinos in Ecuador in 2013, found only one.

I haven’t seen any Filipino residents in Quito, met one at a hop on hop off bus stop in centro historico but she was just passing through. Maybe because of lack of job prospects and distance it doesn’t appeal to them here.

My observations of the Korean community is that they are doing nicely as I mentioned previously and I admire them. The ones I’ve met so far speak Spanish but these are business owners so it’s probably a given. Some are retirees though, like the Korean grocery store I go to, and use store revenue to supplement their retirement income, and probably to keep busy.

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