Badminton for expats in Hanoi!

Hi all,

I have some Vietnamese playing badminton together in Quan Nhan, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi. We all love badminton and are looking for any expats who want to play this sport together!
All of you are welcome as long as you like badminton!

Please contact me if you are interested in!


I'm new to Hanoi since a week ago and I'm a big fan of badminton!
I'm not a professional or so, but play from time to time. I don't have my own racket, you think I can borrow one from any of you?

When do you play? I live just by Dong Da lake and there is a badminton court in my house. do ou play outside?

Hey Emma,

Welcome to Vietnam!
I love to hear that you are a big fan of badminton too! I am also not a professional! I love this sport and it keeps me wealthy too (although I am very thin lolz)
For the racket, there is no problem for me to lend you one for trying :-))
If you live a long time here and love this sport, you can buy one which is not expensive depending on your ability! A good one can costs just around USD 50 per racket.

We are playing from 19:30 to 21:30 on every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday inside a school. An in-house court please!

I will contact you through PM soon!



the time and days sounds perfect for me!
can i join you for next monday maybe?


Can i join your group. I like badminton but not a professional, i have two rackets already so you can borrow.

So I do not have chance to lend Emma any racket now lolz
We have 2 girls at the moment already so if two of you join in, we will have 4 girls! A good team ;-)

@ Emma: I will call you on Monday so you can know the direction to the court!
@ Crystalnguyen: Where are you staying now? Are you Vietnamese?


I live in giang vo street.  I'm vietnamese

Crystalnguyen :

I live in giang vo street.  I'm vietnamese

Great! So just go to Lang Ha street => Lang Street => Cong Moc bridge => Nhan Chinh Secondary School!
When should I see you there?


Nextweek. Are you ok?

OK! So see you on Monday! My cell is 093 2200 803!

HI! I got really sick over the weekend, so couldn't come yesterday! I'm better today to hopefully I can join tomorrow?! and can i still borrow a racket from Crystalnguyen? hope see you tomorrow at 19.30! and if i can't find it, ill call the number above. 


Ok Emma. Warm Welcome ! If I can join in your group.

is it easy to find the gym hall once i get to the school? and can i park at the school?
See you tonight!

Hey guys!

Are you playing this week??

Hello everybody,

I'm just arrive in Hanoi and looking for people who love play Badminton. Are you interresting for a new member? I will going to be free for the week end, will you play this week end?

hope to hearing from you soon.

see you

Yes, we are playing from 07:30 PM to 09:30 tomorrow (Saturday)! Call me or message me to the above phone number if you can come!

Have a lovely night in Hanoi!


Great, I will be available tomorrow evening. I will contact you tomorrow,

see you.

You did very well Ludo! ;-)
See you tonight at the court again!

Have a lovely day!

Hi when do you guys play? I'm Desmond from Malaysia

Welcome Desmond!
We are playing from 07:30 PM until 09:30 PM every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday! We play at the Nhan Chinh Secondary School at 134 Quan Nhan Street, Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi.

Ok. I may join you guys on Saturdays.  Will try to make it this sat.   take care mate!


I love to join but Quan Nhan is far cause Im staying at Hong Ha St. Do u guys playing at some other place?

Oops! It is too far from ours! I think you should find a court there! I'm sure there are not many but should be one or two there!
Good luck and hope that you can move here some day ;-)


Where can i play indoor badminton in Hanoi? i live in lac long quan. I'm free sundays or i can play at night if the court is near my place.

Hey guys, it sound great...would love to joy u guys as i love playing badminton and i got a pairs of racket too. how ever i live in Nhat Tan, which is pretty far to go to Thannh Xuan, so if there are any of you like to play badminton in somewhere close to this side please let me know

Hi Guys!

I am a big fan of Badminton and I live in Lang Ha!
Do you still play? could I join?


Can i join? I'm not so good a player but i love the sport.
i live in lac long quan.

hey! I want to join that game with expat! I was in Hanoi last Month but did not able to connect! when ever I'll be in Hanoi again I will join that game

@ > Lorenzo Tibajia
@ > joysaver

Hi guys,

This thread is dated 2013, but I hope you get some returns.

Otherwise you can create a new discussion in the Hanoi Forum to relaunch the invitation.

Good luck!


Hi Marjorie:) are you based in Hanoi? Do you play? Maybe we can join your group:)

@ Lorenzo Tibajia > Marjorie is a member of the team and she is not in Hanoi. ;)

Is there any badminton club in Nguyen Trai street, Thuy Loi university...?
Ha Dong and Thanh Xuan Area as well

Hi knjght007! Have you found the answer yet? I live in this area and am looking for a group to play with.


I am visiting Hanoi for 3 weeks in March and looking to get a friendly game of badminton.
Is this group still playing?

Hi Badminton lover & all,

Are you guys still playing badminton regularly ?

Hi Saiful,

Where are you located? if you wish to play just let me know..:)
i play in Tao dan sports complex..


Anyone here likes to play badminton?
Is there any group  of badminton enthusiast here?
I would like to join and play badminton
Please let me know

Hi Noyskie,

Where are you based? if you're based in HCM, we play at Tao Dan Sports Complex D1. It's easy to find. Just go at the back of reunification palace. ( Huyen Tran Cong Chua St.)
Get in touch with me.


Haluuuu...are you still playing badminton around thanh xuan area?
Im interested..i am a newbie and i want to play and learn...

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