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Hey girls,

Can anyone recommend a good beauty salon where I can get waxing/mani/pedi etc done from? Somewhere not too far from Olaya/Sulaimaniya would be convenient, and preferabally not overly priced!


SHEBA Beauty World
Olaya-Prince Sultan Street
Tel.:01 2190510 - 01 2190530

I have been there only ones, but for massage. It was realy good. I know they have other services there that you need but never tried.
Hope it was helpful)))

I really like Mariyah, across from Kingdom, 014640909.

on sulumaina directly opposite the riyadh milatry hospital and supermarket on the corner with the big purple sign is "Heads Up" beauty salon and they do all that. might as well check out the local restaurants too while you at it.  i get ny hair cut and eyebrows threaded regularly there

google" pink tarha blog" for a review of heads up

Thanks guys! Someone mentioned to go to Bushra ladies mall- I only found one salon which is shockingly priced!  Will check out these places you suggested. Thanks.

The Salon in Kingdom is shockingly priced, too!

Lol really? Why is this? I lived in Dubai & Bahrain for years and salons there are super cheap compared to the UK, which is why im a little shocked at the prices here in Riyadh- its more than what I would pay in England! Ah well.

May I have an idea of the prices please?

A cut at Mariah is 120SAR.  Highlights are 300SAR, I think.  These prices are a bit cheaper than I was used to paying in the US.

lol, I pay SR 30.00 for a hair cut, SR 50 if I have a haircut, shave and wash all at the same time :P

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Cuts are expensive and you will have to pay taxi fare as well. There are ladies who will come to your house and do everything. Pedi is about 150 Sr which is cheap when you realize you won't pay 100 in taxi fares. The government is trying to stop women from beauty treatments privately, but you can still get them. Just ask your friends for names.

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