Tennis in Riyadh

No :(

Hey! Wondering if this is still going on?
I'm trying to find a tennis partner

where is exactly your looking for partner just to play for fun

I'm a male and I'm about a 4.0 and would love to hit. I live in the Arizona Compound exit 8


Hello all :cheers:

It would be much easier to reach out to tennis partners if you create an advert with your contact infos in the appropriate section of the site :

> Sport partners in Riyadh


Sir, im also looking for tennis partners in riyadh to hit for fun. Pls do contact me in ny whatsapp if you want sir, im just new here and want to play tennis. Here's my whatsapp number +***..ty

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Hi there,

A very good group to play with socially is through the social network Inter Nations at a very nice sports club in the Diplomatic Quarter. Invites are coordinated by a guy called Fabio and they communicate through Whatsapp etc.

Link is here; … =adp_he_gt

If you join Inter Nations and visit the link or become a contact of a Colombian guy called Fabio Ospino it will be very easy to get involved and meet that group.

If you interested in something like yoga classes in Riyadh reasonably close to Olaya, a good contact is Sarah at[at]

If you are interested in Pilates close to Olaya, a good contact is Sam at riyadhpilates[at]


contact me

Hi i was wondering if you were to start the round robin league then?
I'd love to play tennis. It's been years i have stopped playing it. If there are any ladies currently playing, and want to have a partner, write back. Regards

Whats your contact number? We can be partners in mixed doubles if you want to.. pls contact me at the numbers i posted.. thanks..

Contact me at the numbers i posted sir. Im willing to play with you. When and where??

Hi, Do you still play in Al Yamama Hotel tennis courts? what is the formality to join the club?

Hello. I just play in Yamama once a month because of my schedule. I always play in Holiday Inn Izdahar. You can play with me if you want to..


I'm a Male and would like to initiate my Tennis I'm 5.0 USTA.. let me know if you are ok with it.


Vishal S

hello i am a 4.5 player and want to have a regular practice partner ,, i mostly play in DQ  but  i play in another compounds as well . contact me if interested



Do you still play tennis?

I am interested.



Yes once a week at the Riyadh Diplomatic Quarter with this group whom I recommend; … t=174_4450

I m looking for partner  to play tennis in riyadh.

I m willing to hit balls with someone  interested

oh, I'd love to. I suck at it but yah I used to play badminton so I hope this would go well.

yes i do .. contact me so we can arrange it

I'm ready to play tennis. Just contact me on *** and tell me when and where and I'll be there :)


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Hi, I am looking to play tennis in Riyadh.
I have been playing previously for 14 years but stopped 5 years ago. If anybody is interested please reply to me. Thanks.

Im interested to play with you sir...

I play tenis médium level and i live in Mursalat area but i can only start playing next year.let me know

Hello do you offer lessons for kids?

Hello , yes .. contact me on ***

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selzein :

Hey! Wondering if this is still going on?
I'm trying to find a tennis partner

Are still lookin for partner to play tennis?
I am playing tennis in DQ, my level,intermediate , i wish to find players and coach as well,

Hi I am coming to Riyadh for a month in January look g for people to play tennis in daytime I will be on Albustan Compound are you available during the day at all .



Please hit me up when you are in Riyadh. We can arrange for some matches when you are here.

Hi are you male or female do you currently play now with anyone what’s you level .


Hi are you still looking to play , what level are you .


Hi I am male. I am currently playing in good level.

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