Free Vaccination for child - MOH Address

Hakkeem :

Hara vaccination MOH clinic whether open or not Saturday. Any one please tell me immediately.

Fri and Sat is OFF

Good day to all.
Can anybody help me where i can find a place where they are giving free vaccinations for babies? Please i really need your help... im here at Al Masif, exit 5 riyadh.

Thank you very much

Hi ,kindly provide me with Vaccination center details near Ar Rawabi area.
Thanks in advance.

i need to give Vaccination to my baby for 2 Month.
i don't know where is the place, can you please help me where is the place near to me in Iskan 2 Riyadh.

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U will get near Maather can I have location pls

Assalamualaykum! Can anyone please provide me location of MOH near Nahdah District for free vaccination. JazakAllahu Khayr.

Today i had done vaccination to my child at iskan buikding No. 5,here also giving hajj vaccination.
Below is the address:.
Prince Abdulaziz Ibn Musaid Ibn Jalawi St, Al Olaya, Riyadh 11543

Dear All,

I am actively looking for vaccination for my 2 month old baby, kindly share your experience if any possibility to get these vaccine in Riyadh.

Thank you.

Please go to near by government clinic and ask for vaccination for the required age. Keep your Iqama and your kids Iqama with you :)

Here is the location for infants vaccination for residents of Malaz.
مركز صحي الشعبة
Usamah Ibn Umair Al Hadhli, Al Malaz, Riyadh 12841, Saudi Arabia
+966 11 476 7983

You have to visit your relevant health center. Plz see below the address if you are residing in Malaz. For Malaz there are two centers. One is near Malaz zoo and the below one is near Malaz football stadium.
Here is the location for infants vaccination for residents of Malaz. Kindly also note that its free vaccination.
مركز صحي الشعبة
Usamah Ibn Umair Al Hadhli, Al Malaz, Riyadh 12841, Saudi Arabia
+966 11 476 7983

Please can any one tell me the new location for the MOH Health Center in Murabba. I believe the one behind the Statistics Department is under renovation.

Does any one know the new location.

Yes its being renovated and you can go to Mathur MOH. Here is the location:
Al Olaya, Riyadh 11543, Saudi Arabia.
Its in Building#5.

Can you share me the co-ordinates or google maps location.


Just search in google maps "Eskan al olaya". This should appear. This is located in building#5. You can ask any one there about "Markaz al Sahee" in arabic and show them kids vaccination card for better understanding.

   I need to get vaccine for my son,please help me where can i get free vaccine. Im living here in nassem. Shukran😊

Anyone know if there are free vaccination clinics in Malaz for a 5 month baby?

Yes there are two in Malaz. One is near Malaz stadium and the other one near malaz zoo.

My friend, do you know where can i get vaccine here in nassem?? Shukran😊

Can anyone please guide MOH vaccination center in Al-Malaqa district  near Anas bin malik road  opposite to Al-Yasmeen and requirements for that. 2 months old baby still NO Iqama. Really appreciated if someone know about it.. Thanks in anticipation.

Can anyone provide the free vaccination location in Askaan Alkharj Road Riyadh.

Dear Shah, In Iskan all they closed now you can go to Azizia or Dar Al Baidha Free

please let me know govt vaccination center near batha.


I visited 2 MOH Centers for 18 months vaccination for my kid, they said this specific vaccine isn't available in all centers.
Did anyone get?

Just try to go Pioneers Specialist Medical Center Azizia. use your insurance card, you need to pay only 20%

I hope you find it

Hello all please can any one here send me location of vaccinations center sulay thanks

Can anybody provide me with the location of MOH where they give child vaccination for free. Before there was one In hara, it is beside the Port Authority building . Behind Panda.
Very close to NADEC. now they moved to some other place.
I live in HARA (Hayal Wazarat), I tried in Al Askan buildings at MOH inside tower no 5, but they refused to give vaccination and asked me to check for Hara Center. Can anyone guide me where MOH of hara has been shifted? I have been searching for more than a month i don't find please help if anyone knows.

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