anybody speaking english in milan ???

hi guys

i have assigned to be the new represantative of my country in milan it has been a few days but i am disappointed:( no one wants to talk in english or at least i couldnt find...

looking for new friends around milan gallarate speaking english...


Hello kagan074.

Welcome to! :)


hello there..welcome to the pack..keep in touch..

cheers, I am n gallarate. i am also same. if anybody arround here would be appreciable.

Hi James Carter : Just to inform you that this is quite an old thread. If you are looking for English speaking friends around, I kindly invite you to create a new thread, or to check out other threads talking about expats meet up.




Hi.. do you stil live here? i just moved here.. same problem

Hi Ray Clague,

Welcome on board  :)

Feel free to start your own thread (with an introduction) on the Milan forum as this one seems inactive.

All the best,

Am here to in milano , I speak English,

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