Best place to live in Riga?

Hi everyone, I'm studying in Riga for 6 months next year and firstly I'd like to say thankyou as this forum has really helped me in deciding that Latvia will be a great place to live and study.

Just a couple of questions.
1) Which is the best part of Riga to live? (I know this is quite subjective) I'll be studying at the University of Latvia so I don't want to be to far out of town but I also have seen that the rent is alot cheaper outside of the city's centre. Also I like going to cafe's and relaxed bars and also like seeing live music.
2) Can anybody recommend me any good real estate websites? I've been on which seems pretty good but are there any others?

:) Can't wait to get over there and get out to the Latvian countryside it looks beautiful.

Thanks again

Hi Bellionaire & welcome to!

Hope that other members will soon share some tips with you.;)

Have you tried to post an advert in the section Housing in Latvia? It may help.


It's not hard living outside of the downtown area.  It takes a bit to get used to public transit, but living up-town, or on the other side of the river isn't bad.  I live way out in the suburbs in 'Imanata' and I get by, for super-cheap - with easy access to a farmer's market, and the woods.

Hi Bellionaire and welcome

University of Latvia is a great choice.. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun in Riga!

A lot depends on your budget, but assuming your looking at either a studio or apartment share, I would recommend looking along the major tram routes and identify all the districts and compare for convenience and price. As a student you will get a reduced price travel pass, so that will make it easy.

I lived in Terbatas iela for a year (near the junction with Talinas iela) and this worked for me. There is a great market on Terbatas where you can buy all your fresh produce from local farmers and sellers.

Then you have the old town which might suit you if you a party type, although the prices there are for tourists. is the site I always used to find accommodation, has some also, then you have the agents like etc.

Best advice is to get a local to make the phone calls for you, to haggle over things like the agent commission, and to check on things like estimated heating bills, is internet included etc.

Prices are all over the place as you would expect, but expecting to pay 150lats + bills for a flat share would be reasonable. Cheaper if you are prepared to live in a block housing district or further out.


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