Usual flat renting conditions - help needed

Hello all,

In a month I will be joining your great community since I will start working in Brussels. By the consequence, I'm currently looking for a flat to rent.

Could you please explain/give some tips in order to be able recognizing fake announces? What are the usual conditions of renting a house: is there is some fixed guarantee deposit to be paid in advance, is it safe to do a reservation even without visiting location? I speak mainly about the private persons', not real estate companies' proposals.

Would appreciate your help!

some info:

Happy hunting!

MurielC, thank you very much for the links, I will read carefully!
Recently I got 1 offer (furnished 1BD appt in EU are for EUR 700 with charges) and I would like to make a reservation. Since I'm still abroad (arriving in Brussels in a month), I have no possibility to visit the flat at the moment. The owner asked to pay EUR200 as a refundable security deposit and then they will send me a contract afterwards. Are these conditions usuals? I mean I would prefer to get something as guarantee before paying... :/

What if you don't like the apartment? How big is it? You can get cheaper than that if you are looking to save money? No I wouldn't hand over any money as a deposit, certainly not without seeing the apartment. Sorry it sounds all wrong, you should see the contract BEFORE handing over any money. Or do you wish to  GIFT 200 euro to someone you don't even know?

Look on Brussels Expats group on Facebook for short term lets.

schoolmum :

Or do you wish to  GIFT 200 euro to someone you don't even know?

of course I don't, that's why I created this topic - just to get to know general conditions since I'm not very familiar with the Belgium laws. I guess I will do so - will visit some flats on my arrival and then will finally choose, even if in this case I risk to over pay (since will be willing to leave the hotel asap), but will escape any cheating.

Use or similar as an alternative to a hotel.

thanks again, I totally forgot

yes, best short term first and then choose one you like when arrived.

A good rule when looking at rent in comparison to floor space, don't go over 1 m2 = €10 unless a very very high quality of accommodation, even in the more expensive areas.

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