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@pheebz0501 Hello pheebz! I pass my application in vfs Cebu. They said 1-3 months. I hope earlier than that ☺ I don't get email from them that they received my application. 😕 guess I'll have to wait patiently.

I spoke to a lady at UDI today who said that they have lowered the waiting times of family reunification cases to 6 months...has anyone been told anything similar recently?

We not need to wait 13 or 18 moon?
Now 6 moon?
Are you sure?

That's what the lady I spoke to at UDI told me this morning. I just want someone to confirm or deny this. Has anyone been told something similar?

ım dont call udı ...but thıs perfect news...
what you say you udı ?

you chechk udı web sıte?

Yes I checked the website and he website still says 18 months. However I am looking for anyone that may have heard the same as I was told this morning. So if anyone has been told 6 months by UDI please share. Thanks.

One girl from the Philippines from here who i guided with her application got hers approved within 6 months even if the udi website says 18 months.

I have also 2 classmates from Brazil that got theirs in 2 months and in 3 months.

So probably it is true that they may have lowered the processing time.

Thanks Stephy!

Vær sa snil...
6 moon ...
Because this moon my 6. Moon...

Now you talked with udi this morning and udi say 6 moon?familie fiancee visa conculade the case?

Where I pass my application they said 1-3 months. I also know someone she got approved after 6 months and the other girl 3 months.

thıs same all country ... ım from turkey

I'm from the Philippines

hi angel

i hope you wont mind sharing your waiting experience in this thread:
Case Processing times for applications submitted in the Philippines

you can also read thru the thread to see what others share on their waiting experiences :)

i wish you the best and hope you get an answer soon :)

udı web sıte sayıng stıll 18 month ...

I got my visa exactly after 13 months of my application.  When I applied Dec 2014 the site states that the time is 9 months and in Feb 2015 as this was the time i only checked the site again it said 13months and was thinking maybe I will not be affected on the change of processing time until it became 18months.  August 25 2015 its like 9 months I received different email content saying they have not finalized yet the application so I waited maybe after 3 months of receiving that email..but its not 3 is 5 months after, then I received my visa.  Well, waiting time is over and I am wishing all of you to have the same positive result and I agree we need patience on this.

Helo everybody
I get from udı a email
Udı telling my application still here proccessing...
I was asked about my fiancee interwiev ...
They dont say anything...
Have any exprince about this subject ....?
For everybody good evening

Hi hassan, I also got an email today saying my application has been forward to police for further information so they will call my husband for an interview.....I applied mine in February 2015 (fiancé visa),then it was taking long so we jst went ahead ad got married in June ad forward our marriage certificate to UDI so they can process with my first application.I hav been getting normal email from UDI saying my application is on process until today.i would also like to know what happens after u hav been called for interview ad how long will it takes to b called by the police for an interview appointment..... Incase someone else passed  through the same kindly advise.

We called UDI their response was it is under processing and can't answer any questions yet, waiting time what is mentioned on web.

Hi jane can im beng i just want to ask.about applying norway

Hi everyone good day...i just want to ask help anybody here..i am new here...
Guys i am planning to apply a fiancee visa for norway...what is the requirements? How to apply? And how long it takes processing? I have no idea about fiance visa....pls help me guys...
Thank you!

Hi Cutefy,

The best place to start is on the UDI website. The link below will give you a lot of information :) … #link-1182

hello I read all your messages and I am interesting.. I hope you can help me too.. my fiancée and I are planning to get married next year he is in Norway and I am in Singapore.. do you know how long is the processing time?

The processing time varies for each country. The best place to check is UDI. You can see the application requirements for you here: … #link-1182

And according to UDI if you handed in your application in Singapore then you're expected to wait 4 months. This waiting time is updated every month. So you could end up waiting less or more. … #link-1182

Hi tmilimo,
Thanks for your information
God bless!

No problem :)

Hi Guys,

Moved to Norway last month after waiting 19 months to get Fiance Visa approved.

To the people who got in on a finance visa and got married... How long did the application take post marriage with the Politi? I might need to travel out of Norway next summer (July) and we intend to be married by February and hopefully reapply same month to Oslo Politi.

Has anyone applied with the fast track F - Code? Does anyone know what is required in order to get one? How fast does it go with an F- Code?

Thank you..


please share your experience   for health insurance?UDI wrote me that we missing insurance,I didnt bought because I dont know when we will get visa:)

thank you for the information..
my fiancé will follow up my application in UDI how long we need to wait..its been 1 month and I never received any emails from them regarding my application.

It can take some time after handing in your application for it to be registered in the system. There is no way to tell. I waited almost 2 months before I got the first email saying that UDI had received my application and it took 8 months before they approved my application.

Hi TMilimo,

Do you know anything about getting the F code in order to renew permit after getting married?

TMilimo :

Hi Cutefy,

The best place to start is on the UDI website. The link below will give you a lot of information :) … #link-1182

I honestly don't know if there is anything you can do to get the f-code. I got mine in mid December. UDI just sent an email with it and I have an appointment to renew my residency.

TMilimo :

I honestly don't know if there is anything you can do to get the f-code. I got mine in mid December. UDI just sent an email with it and I have an appointment to renew my residency.

Hi Tmilimo, thanks for your response. Did the F-Code speed up your renewal? How much faster would you say it was? Thank you.

It was much faster because it bypasses almost all the paperwork you would require to provide to re-apply. All I had to do was pay the fee, book an appointment and show up. The only paperwork I needed to fill out was a document stating that my husband and I were still married and still maintained the same requirements for my original application. I also received the F-code 3 weeks before I was eligible to re-apply.

Hi everyone,probably if you read my message you worry about processing time for Fiance visa ,I been same:)I can tell you dont worry ,Mind take about 3 mount ,advice is to make sure all document clear,because my case been missing health insurance and have to send them again and lost time,I recommend  AXA Insurance it most cheap my opinion max 6 month,what I advice to write very nice letter about relationship with photos and weeding plan,how you meet her parents ,and how spend time with her,how often you talk,and add a lot photos.Even after document collect in Manila you can add any file. … documents/
Good  luck everyone and dont waste time to call in UDI they will no give you answer about waiting time.

anyone it possible to apply schengen  visa while waiting for family immigration permit? anyone can help and thanks in advance.

I do not think it is possible. You cannot have 2 applications at the same time. This is what I was told when I called UDI about 2 years ago but a lot has changed. You should call/email and confirm with them

thank you tmilimo me and my fiancée planning to apply a Schengen visa for 1 week but I don't want to have a problem regarding my first application which is family immigration (fiancée visa)... its been 2 months since I applied and still waiting to be process according to the udi.

Call UDI and ask them. The situation is different for each application and information changes over time. Good luck.

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