Carnet de Extranjeria (Foreigner ID Card)


I seriously think you have the rules incorrect.
What? basis are you now in Peru?
Do you have the Carnet de Extranjeria?
The provision is that YOU CANNOT BE OUT OF PERU FOR MORE THAN [approximately] SIX MONTHS A YEAR.
NOT the reverse where you say that YOU MUST LEAVE 6 MONTHS A YEAR.

The Carnet grants you full legal permanent residency 100% of year after year after year


Hi everyone

Don't be so sure: … 707-6.html

Things change.


The link takes me to the legal pronouncements of the Immigration Laws.

Your remark,, "don't be so sure" refers to ??what??

I thought the purpose of making entries to the thread was to provide clarity not to promote confusion!

I would like to know what it is you are talking about...I have no idea at all.



Confusion? no it's legal information, read what I sent you and go to the "visas" section. It says clearly that you can now stay 183 days on a 365 period, or, in other words, no more 183 days by going out and in again. 183 days by period of 365.
But this is new, this law passed in september 2015.
I was just letting you know.

Would you please point out the article or specifically portion of the law that you are referring to..... after searching I cannot locate it exactly.
Are you referring to Article 58 below, [ which is exactly the opposite of your interpretation ]

Artículo 58.- Pérdida de la Categoría de Residente y
Calidad migratoria por ausencia del territorio nacional
58.1. Los extranjeros en la calidad migratoria de
residentes provisionales pierden su calidad y categoría
migratorias si el periodo de ausencia del territorio
nacional es mayor a los ciento ochenta y tres (183) días
58.2. Los extranjeros en la calidad migratoria de
residentes permanentes pierden su calidad y categoría
migratorias si el periodo de ausencia del territorio nacional
es mayor a los trescientos sesenta y cinco (365) días
58.3. Se exceptúan los extranjeros residentes
ausentes del territorio nacional por motivo justificado. En
estos casos, el periodo de ausencia puede ser extendido,
debiendo tramitarse y obtenerse la autorización de
ausencia ante MIGRACIONES.
58.4. La pérdida de la categoría de residente y calidad
migratoria se inscribe en el registro correspondiente.


Article 58. Loss of resident status and
Absence of immigration status by country
58.1. Foreigners in the migratory status of
temporary residents lose their quality and category
migration if the period of absence from the territory
National is more than one hundred and eighty-three (183) days
58.2. Foreigners in the migratory status of
permanent residents lose their quality and category
migration if the period of absence from the national territory
It is more than three hundred and sixty five (365) days
58.3. Foreign residents are excluded
absent from the country for cause. In
these cases, the period can be extended absence,
shall be processed and obtained authorization
absence before migration.
58.4. The loss of residency status and quality
immigration is inscribed in the corresponding register.


It's not an interpretation, it's a law and indeed it's factual.
The tourist visa is called V5, and it's 183 days/year, its listed right after on the Articulo 59.
I'm not asking you to believe me, or to believe the law in this case, just ask tourists that stayed for 183 days already and that are trying the "out and in" method... They are now legions of complainers because the customs agents are just doing their job according to the new law.



I realised that you are talking about the CE and we (me and Q'enti) are talking about the tourist visa (visa waiver) that used to be "renewable" by getting out of the country after 183 days and then getting back in. This doesn't work anymore, it allows tourists for 183 days/year now meaning you have to be out of the country for around 6 months to be able to get back in as a tourist.


Yes, I was always talking about the Carnet. I realized we were on different topics when I was looking at V5 in the law changes.
That border crossing allowance was good for a lot of folks, too bad that is not any longer a valid way to extend a Visa. There may be  other methods in place of the border crossing method but I do not know yet what they are or If there are.
If you can qualify for the CE it is worth the hassle of getting it.

My carnet de extranjería rentista says It nerver Expires so I would assume my status is "permanent" resident. Therefore I can be out of the country for a maximum period of 365 days.
Which I have heard is the same for US green card holders. (Foreign residents in US.)

If I got this right it is a BIG improvement over the 183 collective days absent over a 12 month rolling period.

hi Russ,

I do not know what determines if you are a perm or temp resident. My CE also never expires....still I do not know For Sure whether I am considered a temp or perm resident.


Thanks Pistacio... Let's hope someone is willing to go to Digemin & wait in lines to ask about this. Last year I asked in the airport what out of country limitation was on my file. The official said none just that the screen shows my card expires in 5 years. (My CE shows indefinida)

My name kenan saghir

I am interesting to make Rentista visa or investor visa in Peru. Right now i am in United Arab Emirates city called Abu Dhabi i have my own business here . Can you please give your contact number to make my papers and to let me know how much it will cost me fees .

Hi everyone, i am interesting to Rentista visa and i have question . After getting the Rentista visa and after make first landing and after i start making landing every 6 month . If complete two years can I apply for peru citizenship.

As a rentista you do not have the "Right To Work"
On the Investment Visa you have to Invest $25,000.00, Submit a Business Plan and Hire 5 Peruvians.
If you after two years become a Citizen you will be taxed on World Income regardless if you have already paid tax elsewhere.

Thank you for your kind reply. My question is after two years i have the Rentista visa can I apply for cacitizenship

Yes, I believe that in two years of residency you can apply for citizenship and that is a process with all of its' own steps and details.

I need to stay in Peru two year continually or i can land every 6 month like 30 days and after two year i can apply for citizenship.

hi again, ok, to maintain your Rentista or Residency status you must not be out of Peru for a certain amount if days.  I believe you have approximately  50/50 split .  If you go over you lose you status. It is calculated by your passport stampings.

Thank you for your kind information. As I understand from you i need to maintain like half of period in peru like 365 days in two year to maintain my Rentista visa and to be able to apply for citizenship after two year .
I am asking you because my lawyer told me i need only to land every 6 month to maintain my Rentista visa and after like 3 landing every 6 month and complete two year i can apply for citizenship. Is that correct information. Please advise me .

No, not true. Having entered  every 6 Months will not maintain your Residency status.
Your Lawyer has this confused with the old rules to maintain a Tourist entry Visa, which I think was either every 90 or 180 days. By the way, that rule has recently changed.

Hello ,
SweetsSara I would like to contact you because i am in need for an immigration lawyer
But it says u have blocked your private massages
Can you please send me your email so we can contact

Hello Pistachio again....about visas...I have a print out showing "immigration visa", the others you did mention...retirement & investment. I reckon the "immigration visa" will be good for me (Peruvian wife and all !! ) and don't have to prove retirement income like the rentista one. :-)

yes, you do not have to prove income but your wife needs to make an affidavit each year saying she will support you.....

and,, you best check Tax Status for each of the different Visas... it could be important......

If you have a live tax status you will be responsible to Peru for World Income whether or not you have already paid taxes on it elsewhere.....

oh,,, I thought of this after my other note....

I know you want to move money.... The Standard here is the s/.   Sole,,,,, and the Dollar is Peru's second Currency.... Euros you can exchange easily.... but Australian currency is virtually UNKNOWN...

Best you make your motions with Dollars,,,, USD  $$$$......... checks, cash, Whatever !!

Thank you Pistachio for your advice. I am on a Navy pension and don't have to do tax returns in Aussie.The missus will do a final tax doc before we leave here and advise the tax office that she is leaving Aussie she will have no income as such from here in the future. As I said in my other reply to you, we intend to live on the money we bring with us, in one form or another.My Navy pension will continue to go into my Aussie bank account and I can arrange things with that via electronic banking & transfers etc..., no worries.
As I mentioned on my initial post to you, we have travelled to Peru a few times in the past 10 years.
Yes, will be using only US$'s...we know about that....but thanks anyway. Is illegal for us to take Aussie dollars to Peru anyway.They are fussy here !! :-)
Thanks again for your time & advice.

It is best to check what electronic banking will work from there to here........

for instance... you cannot initiate a wire transfer from the point of reception,, you must be in person at the point of sending.....

so,,, best to check so you don't find yourself cut off from your own funds.............

[ that was easy ]  ok,, on to the next note..........

Thanks again, P.
My Aussie bank has advised me that I can transfer funds (converted to US$'s) from my account here to my bank account in Peru...when we have established an account, of course.  I can do it remotely from Peru, via electronic banking so they advised me.

ok,, progress,,,,, good........ solves the issue......

You may have to sign a document at the bank attesting to the origin of the funds.... [ huge concerns about money laundering here ]

you might want to update any and all vaccinations before you depart / especially Tetanus.....

and if you wear Trifocals,,,,,,, you cannot find here,,, only BiFocals...

so,, if something arises and you want an opinion or comment / note me


Thanks again,P.
Just to clarify things on the bank cheque thing...originally I said the arrival form said "bank instruments" and you correctly said they are bonds...but, re-reading the arrival form, it actually says "monetary instruments", which by definition (USA) are cheques,drafts etc etc. So that means our proposed bank draft.
Just thought I'd clarify this aspect for other readers, as well as you & I. :-)

I understand Exactly. I did say they are Not bearer bonds because they are made out to you, not made out to "cash"

ok, and, they are not currency.

That aside, I was surprised when I discovered that checks were not used in Peru, really it is all debit.....

but, for the sake of argument a traveler brings his check book on his journey. He has say, $60,000 bakance in his checking account. So, these checks ?are bank instruments?, and he has to declare the 60,000 on entry??

That cannot be possible. So, on that basis I maintain that you can carry bank checks, personal checks, debit and credit cards without declaration.

Now, you may be right but this is a pretty good argument.

Personally, I like the DHL plan too.... LoL!

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