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so I am considering a move to Muscat for work. However, I've only acquired my German driving licence a month ago, so it will only have been for valid for 5 months or so when I move. My understanding is that I would be allowed to drive for 3 months but then would need to pass the Omani driving test which I hear is very tricky... and let's be honest I get veyr antsy during exams :(
Any suggestions for how I could get around this? I am sure I could handle the roads, but I am scared of getting there & then not passing the driving licence for the entire year I'll be there...

getting omani driving license its very very difficult people are not at all corporative they will take money and run away people in oman you cant trust anybody in oman..Batter go back germony renew your license then if you want come otherwise no need we dont like omani people and oman culture they are not honest people....if you want you can try and get experince...

I completely disagree with Omanagri.. not only disagree, but forcefully deny his statement. Omanis are really nice people in general and very cooperative too. Now if someone expects to get licence by bribing or on the basis of relations, then it is not possible and it should be possible too.  If someone doesn't like Omani Ppl or Omani culture, he should leave Oman n go where he wants.  We must discourage ppl who live in Oman and pass on such nasty statement, based on few individual's acts.

Regarding German licence, my information is that many countries licence is convertible to Omani licence without any test. So you need to check PRO, if it is the case, then you are lucky, otherwise go with the test as I did too. I got in 9th attempt.


thanks for the replies.
My sole problem is that I have had the driving licence only for a month now, and I can only exchange it to Omani licence if it is at least a year old :(
I would be fine taking taxis all the time but I was told they are not always available and being stuck in the heat without a car is not something i would look forward to...

Taxis are not an issue. There are many ppl who are providing pick n drop services and can be on your disposal for 24 hours. The money which you gona pay for test/tries, you can pay to driver and can get comfort.  If you manage well, you can have different drivers #s with you and can call them any time.  97359122 (kosar).. I can give you one right away as I use this driver sometime (when my car is in workshop).

Thanks bushrcom7!

My few cents worth:  I had absolutely no problem obtaining an Omani licence.  I went to the police station, showed my international licence, received the application form (completed in Arabic only), took two photos, had a quick eye test, paid 20 OMR and minutes later my licence was printed.  The whole process did not take more than one hour, discounting the time it took to quickly go back to the office and ask an Arabic speaking colleague to complete the form for me.  The service at the police station was excellent and I was treated like royalty.

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