ping-pong (table tennis )

Sounds good, I work in Salmiya area, maybe I can go there after work (after 3pm). Let me know the address and I will check how far it is.

It's name Salmiya palace you can found tines 🏓tables there

I see, just 10 minutes walking distance, nice. How much is one hour there?

1 hour 1.5 KD

Ok, that's not bad. Let's meet there on this Thursday for example, at 3pm can be ok.

Sorry 😐 I finish my work at 5pm we can meet 6:30 or 7 is it ok for you ?

Oh, in that case better to meet on weekend, friday or saturday, since I would need to come back Fintas after work and then go again to Salmiya, not very convenient for me.

Yes to much distance between Fintase and Salmiya .for that we can meet Friday at 5 pm is it ok ?

Yes, that can be ok. See you there!! Anyone else interested to join?

  I will like to play table tennis a few times a week. Please contact me on ***

  Rob A.

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Hi Rob,

If you would like to meet, let me know by private message, and we can arrange some match.

Eng_Islam, are you back already? :)

Anyone interested?

Still outside , after one week I will be inside Kuwait . Are you ready for challenge?

Sure, I still need to win at least one game, hahaha :)

😄 you should do it

how is the tennis place from where you are playing? is it ladies-friendly place. or its all guys playing there?  i would like to learn playing.

Hi Franzee,

I think the place is ok, I saw a girl playing against a boy in the table besides the one I was playing.

Let's start to plan something for coming days. I am free Fridays and Saturdays.

Hi Pakonas,

that sounds nice. is there available rackets there or need to bring my own?

so you play there every friday and saturday?

I think they have rackets available, but I am always bringing one extra in case. I actually just played once but then we didn't play again. I am looking forward to meet and go there again. This Saturday can be ok for me.

Hi for all we can meet  in Friday at 7 pm in the same place , is it ok

This Friday I can't, I already have other appointment, but Saturday morning or afternoon is good for me.

Ok Saturday 7 pm is it ok ?

For me it would be better in the morning or early afternoon. I work on Sunday early morning and I live in Fintas. Really, my living circumstances here are not really convenient in terms of leisure life :(

5 pm Saturday after my work direct I will come to Salmiya other wise make it next week

5pm in Salmiya palace is good for me. What about the others, Franzee, TriniRob, anyone else?

I think im okay by saturday 5pm.

Great, I will tell a friend to come too, in case we are just 3.

See you!!

😔 Sorry for all , today I can’t come I have some urgent work to do .

No problem Islam.

Franzee, are you coming?  Anyone else in the forum? :)

Hey guys,. Im not sure if i can come,. Ill lrt u know later.,

I am also interested, pls let me know when you guys set your next game 😊

hi all anyone planning to play next Friday.

Me!! I will let next Friday for ping pong, I hope to see you all!


I would love to join.....

welcome, Anouar  :)

If someone is coming tomorrow, we can meet around 6:30pm in Salmiya Palace.

How was the pingpong sesh? I wasnt able to come sorry.,. Too busy.

We canceled last week 😔because I had some personal issues also Paco , we can meet next week any one ready for challenge 💪

Is anyone able to send the address of the table tennis club?

Sounds good. Gonna start practising.


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