Anyone living or planning on moving to the Champton to Sabancuy coast?

Hello, I purchased some beach front property, am working with an architect and have the plans finalized. Hoping to start building soon. Looking for anyone who lives there or is planning on moving there soon. Hard to find people living further than Campeche. Thanks. Jo Lee

hi joleej my name is ken,and i am from kelowna bc ,my wife and i are planning to come down in dec. for a holliday and will be looking at property around progreso, beach front,i realy don't know how far from chapton it is but i could use some imformation on just what you are going through to buy and construct a house ,is it difficult ,looking for some insight from you ,thanks


hi,my name is ken and i am coming down to mexico in late dec and staying till the 2jan,i am looking at some beach property in sanancuy,i am from kelowna bc. canada,my wife and i will be renting a small plane so we can look at the beach property,while we are there,is there enything i should be concerned with?,could you get back to me thanks


Hello ken, have you tried to post an advert in the Housing in Yucatan section? It could help. :)

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Hi there Ken...

I was looking at the Sabancuy area approximately one and 1/2 yaars ago.  Let me tell you my findings of that time:

1) water needs to be trucked in and electricity comes from your own generator

2) I found out that the road that goes from Campeche to Sabancuy and onward is used, regularly, to move drugs

3) at that time, real estate was pushed, heavily, by the development of a resort to be built in a close by area; the real estate agent showing me the property did, indeed, drive me by said resort; I noticed no construction movement and he told me work was not done on Saturdays.  But when I did some research on my own I found out that the company building the resort was in serious financial trouble and that work was halted, also found out that there were many claims by the people purchasing pre-construction.  I don't know what is happening right now with the project.

If you are looking for complete isolation then the Sabancuy area is adequate.

I ended purchasing a property in the city of Merida and moving there next month.  Still in the market for a beach property which I'll look for once am there.

Hopefully this info has helped you.

Hi  Soon in Merida,

Thank you for your contribution!

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Hello jollee,
How is your progress with your home on the beach in Sabancuy. We do not have permits yet. I noticed you were working with an architect in 2012.

Its been two years. Have you started building.


I also have a beach lot there since 2012 and I am ready to build. Please send me your email adress and I will explain further.

Hello My name is Alexia,

Please send me your email and we can talk about the lot's in Sabancuy.
I would like ot build there.


I bought my beach lot in Sabancuy 3 years ago and still waiting for the final uso del suelo and permission to build. I still hope.

Hello!  Yes, I have a lot in the Turquoise Coast development (small, only 16 lots so far) I've seen that there a lot of people who have purchased lots in the Boucheron (spelling?) development. The TC lots are actually just north of Sabancuy.

I was told that there is a person who has started to build on lot 14. They are going to be off the grid with solar energy so they are not waiting for electricity to come to the site.

I have my house plans already from an architect / builder who decided to go into real estate instead! However, from this web site I have found and spoken with another architect / builder who is willing to work with me.

I was hoping to get back down there to meet the new architect, and see what's happening in the area but the airfare is just outrageous right now.

While typing this, I was looking at some of the other posts in regard to this area.

The development at Aak-Bal was initially started by a Spanish corporation which defaulted or was unscrupulous, and was taken over by a Mexican corporation. I spoke with a man who was actually working there and he believes that the area is ripe for growth.

As to drugs on the road, I doubt it.  When I purchased the lot the developer told me there was a plan to make a new major road, which would leave the MX 180 on the coast and split inland shortly south of Champoton.  That would make the traffic relatively light.

I'm presently in Albuquerque New Mexico. Are you in the states?

Hope to build in a couple of years. Of course, I've been saying that for about the last two years. How about you?

Jo Lee

I agree with the drug free problem. Its not there. Maybe because there is no market for it or there is not enough road traffic.

Buyers beware. I think the land will develop some year but not so soon.
You will hear approvals are on the horizon but you better get to know semarnat's control before you jump in. The salesman are smooth talkers. They have been promising permits for years.
Before you believe anyone has broken ground speak with that land owner. Even if they now live in Antarctica . Check attorneys references and don't use attorneys with conflict of interest.
Mexico operates different than first world countries.
AAK BAL has only one building complete and 50 percent of that sold. There is so gulf course or marina yet. Watch out for the bragging
If you hear about a Dubai type resort, its a pipe dream at this point. Read the article carefully.
Every shore in the world is eroding. Be careful here ad well.
USE CAUTION. Remember Bernie Madoff.

Let me make sure I was clear. Speak to the person who owns the home being built. If ground is not broken find out why.
Again, this area is long term investment.

Hopefully they wont burry us in that sand before we build.

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Hello Rosco2001 :cheers:

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7 years no one that bought in sabancuy beachfront lots has been granted permits to build..  FRAUD

Hi, this thread is still being watched.

I still have high expectations but being realistic it may still be some time yet before the first house goes up.
I've been wrong before though.
Fences are up so there is some progress.

Does not take 7 years to get permits,, according to GOV officials area is in protected zone and will never be allowed to build

Where did you obtain your information

Is there anyone heading to the lots in the near future?

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