Yoga & pilates classes Jeddah ( wanted)

I would like to find any YOGA and PILATES classes to join in Jeddah, ideally near North Obhur although not essential. Any information even to links is greatly appreciated.

Oooooh if you find any let me know I love Pilates x

Will do (-:

Did you find any yoga or pilates classes, i am  a teacher and thinking of visiting jeddah in the the comming Haj ho liday, or at the end of the year
can you please recommend a hotel to stay? I may well be travelling alone and need to feel as possible though!

I recommend Radisson Sas Blue

Hi browngirl,

Can you please create a new discussion on the Jeddah forum concerning your accommodation search?

Just to remind that the title of this thread is Yoga&pilates classes Jeddah.

Thank you.

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Mika is great- give a try ladies. Hope to join the classes again once the baby has arrived :)

in Gold's Gym in Jeddah there are pilates and ypga classes

If y ou go to the Gold Gym get there early to secure a place as there are TOO MANY WOMEN attending these classes!!

Hi, basics of yoga with suryanamaskar is taught in aziziah jeddah. If u r i terested pls contact me. Thanx.

Hi rosy monica,

Can you please post an advert in the Yoga classes in Jeddah section, this might help. :)

Thank you,


hello. while searching for a pregnancy yoga class in jeddah i came across your post. wondering if you found out anything that you liked :)

Hi sidrah80,

I invite you to post an advert in the Yoga classes in Jeddah section, with details of what you are exactly looking for. This might help you find out more about these classes. Thank you! ;)



Mika do you still teach classes at Mura Bustan?



Reading is key

Just email me on *** for more info

Hi shakiraessop,

Please avoid posting in caps lock, this might make your text reader friendly. Thank you! :)

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Hi mikamaharani > i invite you to register your classes in the business directory. Thank you.

Hi I am you give massage as well...? I Need a massage please...I live on Nada compound
I am British. I will be back in Jeddah on Saturday....please e mail me to hyperfifer at yahoo dot com

do you know any who gives massage...I am talking about professional massage hanky panky

Dears , i am looking for yoga pregnancy classes in Jeddah ,

Dear Milka ,
If you teach pregnancy yoga classes i would like to join , please Email me : xxx

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do you make house calls also very interested in joining your classes

I want to take yoga classes in jeddah

May i please have your number so i can contact you to join your pilates classes ?
Thank you

Please please tell me I want to join
I live in aziziya and there is no gym around here and traveling to gold's gym takes like 1 hr which is a waste of time since I'm a medicine student
Mika please give me your number and I emailrd u too please reply

I wana join pilates classes any 1 know?

Please give me ur no. Or email any thing i really wana join pilates ...

Hi mika,
Hope you are doing well
Am interested to have yoga and pilates classes
I want to make sure that it's special for pregnant
I dont live in a compond, can i attend your classes?

Check paz_pilates_studio on instagram or On facebook

I am also interested, if anyone has information on yoga and pilates please

Janet Malone :

I am also interested, if anyone has information on yoga and pilates please

You can find these two classes at "Studio55 fitness " and another 10 different classes.
And I recommend to try "anti gravity yoga"

There's PAZ Pilates studio, you can find them on Instagram and Facebook.

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