The absolute minimum in dollars to live in DR :)

I would get residency as soon as I could. I would be moving to Puerto Plata because a friend of mine lives there. My insurance agent said my insurance is accepted there. He even gave me a list of providers in PP. I'll keep reading this forum for more information. Thank you so much for your replies.

I  would double check on the insurance,  might be you pay and get reimbursed,  but at least that would work.

You need to start the residency process from there honey,  check this thread:

Yes you need to start the process in the US at a Dominican Embassy or Consulate. The closest for you is probably Chicago

Bob K

Bob, yeah, it doesn't make sense to import a car without residencia.  By the way, I'm still waiting for you to find that peanut sauce recipe you promised.  I know that with your very busy schedule it is difficult for you to find the time.   Thanks, The "Tinker".

I have looked but cannot find it again.  Sorry. I think I Googled it on the Food network site.

Bob K

Yeah Bob, too bad. When you said you found it  & made it from a magazine, I didn't realize that you had Googled it.  If desired, I'll send you my recipe for it. Get rest, you sound tired.  If you don't need fancy , it is possible to find an apt. for $200,  utilities & tv,net & cell for another hundred.  Not the best or upscale at all, but the roof doesn't leak.  Yes, you can live for less than $1,000 a month.It all depends on what is most important to you..

So true. Depending on life style, expectations, wants and needs $800 to $4000 a month will work

Bob K

AND it very much depends on WHERE  you want to live.   Area is critical to pricing.  Tourist plus expat =  more expensive.

If you want to live like a Dominican, you have to consider three factors:

1-Minimum wage in the country. For Dominicans it is $80 dollars a month.
2-Average wage in the country. What the average worker makes: 160 dollars a month.
3-What a high-end professional makes (doctor): $700

So if you are getting $900 a month, and you are willing to live like a Dominican, you will be living better than a Dominican doctor. And making almost 6 times more than the average Dominican worker.

But remember, we started with the premise that YOU ARE WILLING to live like a Dominican. No spoiled gringo habits.

Lo que quiere decir que tienes que empezar por hablar en español.

Timnior  welcome to the forum.  I think some of your numbers are a bit low currently. 

Do you live here?

Why not introduce yourself

Bob K

Welcome and I agree with Bob, some of your numbers are out of date. 

Please go to the New Members thread and introduce yourself!

Can I run my online business I started in America in the DR? Would I still need some type of residence?

You will want residencia regardless sooner or later but you dont need a work visa or anything like that.

Thank you, I run a home decor ecommerce business

Does anyone know anything about the Casa Linda development?  I'm just trying to get some other opinions on someone other than their website.

What can 6k-7k a month get me over there I'm tired of feeling broke here in the USA and 60k in bank account I'm fully retired at 27 can this get me a nice 3 bedroom beach house as I have 1 son and my wife also paying my mom's retirement will I live like my millionaire counter parts here in the United States

You can live very well here. No, not like a.millionaire but very very well.

And welcome to the forums! Be careful how much financial info you post about yourself on public forums.....

You will live like a  king on that amount of money here.  And  yes keep your finances close to the vest here and on public forums

Bob K

CL is a very nice community that is about a 5 min car ride into Sosua.  It is a quiet residential community and well run and maintained.  We actually rented there when we first arrived here and currently live a couple of miles up the road from there.

Bob K

hi there, i am looking to purchase a beach front condo 2 bed 2 bath in the area of sosua cabarete, you think i can find something reasonable for less than 100 k,helpful info is much appreciated .

Thanks Bob;

I don't plan on having a car for the first few months, are the stores close enough to walk to?   I heard that they have a shuttle but not sure if they will take you on your errands.  Do you think it would be better to buy in there or are there other communities like this that might be a little cheaper? 

I have been having a hard time trying to decide between Puerto Rico and DR.  I've been told by co-workers that short term that DR is the way to go, but long term is PR.  I love the houses in DR and the cheaper cost of living but PR has more amenities but costs are a lot higher.  Any comments or insights from you would be helpful.


Dont forget, those two are not the only 2 countries. Many gringos are perfectly happy in all the other competing ones.

These are the two that I have narrowed it down to.

As to transportation yes you will need transport from CL. THey do have a shuttle that goes into town on a regular schedule and I believe stops at one of the major grocery stores as well.  You might also look at Residential Hispanola which is a very similar community and a 7 min walk into town.
As to PR vs DR.  Two totally different countries.  PR is very Americanized and since a  US territory it will be much closes to living in the US type of experience. English is spoken more frequently, and you will fine all the "amenities" and stores of the US along with a much more advanced infrastructure. 

Bob K

PR and DR are totally different.  BUT, DR is progressing. What  does PR have that we do not? I am curious and it can lead to good discussion.  THere are also lots of cons on both sides as well.   

Westislandmontreal - welcome to the forums. Lots of good info here.   YES you can find a  condo in your pricerange. May or may not be RIGHT on the beach.  But sometimes close is better then ON the beach.   Lots to consider! 

May I suggest you go to the  Welcome thread and introduce yourself to the rest of us?

Hello, my wife is a real estate agent now and I see that there is no license requirement in the domincan republic which sounds great. Do real estate agents seem to do well out there?

How much does citizenship cost in the domincan republic?

It seems about half the residents are gringos selling real estate to other gringos.

Hahahaha so true, the other half are taxi drivers.

Citizenship -  you first need residencia.  See the thread on this. Then you apply for citizenship  based on  time or qualifying.  Cost will vary.

I seen that 1 American dollar is about 47 pesos! ! Seems unreal lol. Is there a catch to the comparison or does the American dollar really go that far out there?

Some things are quite expensive - electricity, gas etc.  Basic rule - if its imported its expensive. If its made here or labor intensive its less costly!

Hi there
I’m from Brazil and looking to relocate to DR. Where would be best to have a one or two bed apart clean and safe. Also when it comes to work how can we find work legally in DR. How much would be necessary to live modestly in DR in dollars ?
How easy is to relocate to DR ?
Thanks in advance

Live a simple life, no vehicle, cook for yourself most of the time, & can spend the time to search for & find an apt, It is possible to live on $1,000 or a little less a month, Read the other threads pertaining to your other questions. You will find all you need to get started there!

Thank you !!!

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