Sporting Arbitrage as promoted by the free papers

The latest item to be advertised and promoted by the local free papers is the above item.They say it is an investment scheme giving a yield of 2.75% per month.Really they perform a sophisticated betting system where they cover both sides of the same bet and cannot loose.The gains are small but they make a lot of them.If you go on the www you will find lots of warnings of the various scams and frauds commited.People do make money doing this but it takes some time and exspence to achieve this .Also you need a starting feed of around 5-8000€.Basically under the scheme advertised you pay them to gamble with your money.The parent company appears to have only been registered since 2009.Both the parent companies registered office and bank accounts are well offshore in The seyshels and Mauritus.Be VERY,VERY careful out there.

It seems that only the Round Town News is still giving this lot a high degree of publicity. The others have all quietened down.From a large questions and answers page recently to join you can pay 1300 GBP pa (325 per 3 months) or 99 GBP for a 3 month trial.If they bet for you you are then charged 10% of any winnings.They cant loose but you can.They admit that you can really only make decent money by selling membership subscriptions to other mugs.At nine levels its got to be an Eygptian scheme. Viz the Pyramids

From the lack of responses to my posts I must assume that you are all very bright in spotting a pyramid scheme or wise enough to avoid it completley.If any one has put money into it and the scheme then disappears with their money hard luck do not get sucured again.

Just browsing web relating to sporting arbitrage, looks like Tiggys warning back in 2013 was correct, they appear to have disappeared, leaving people at a loss.

If something looks to good to be true, it probably is.

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