how can i send my money to india from ghana

this is dinesh shrma from delh, i got a job i ghana acra tesano, is it pssible to send money to my family in idia very month,is gan is good country for living,can indian surview there. pz help, if contact me plz

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If you have a bank account here in Ghana you will be able to transfer money to India.

It is possible for Indians working legally in Ghana to transfer part of their salaries outside. In this case a Personal Remittance Quota form (obtainable from the Bank of Ghana) has to be completed and approved and then the transfer can be made.

Step 1: Apply the Work permit
Step 2: Open the Bank account
Step 3: Approval from Bank of Ghana
Step 4: Transfer the Money legally.


Pleasae tell me anyone that is there any bank like ICICI,HDFC,AXIS,HSBC or any other bank in Ghana which is already in India,,,

I don't think any of the banks you mention are here but there are Barclays and Standard Chartered which might have branches there

Is there any Western Union or Money Gram office or branch in ACCRA from where Dollar amount can be sent to other country ? How much maximum DOLLAR amount is allowed to be sent in a day ? Is there foreign currency exchange control in Ghana.

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There are both Western Union and Money Gram here. I am not sure about the daily limit for sending money overseas but I do know the banks charge 3% for paying amounts in foreign currency and some banks actually charge you for keeping foreign currency in an account.
When you go through immigration you are not allowed to take cedis out of the country and have to declare if you have more than $10000 I think and you have to do the same when you come in. Not sure if there are any other controls.

If i have a account in Ghana and a NRE account in India what all charges will my bank generally charge? Can i send money easily using wire transfer from my Ghana account to NRE account in India?

I am very new to Accra , and this is my first International trip/job ever.

I've almost got comfortable with the daily life in Accra except my concern on my salary transfer to India.

I look forward to your suggestion on the following:

1. Do I need to provide any documents to the bank (bank in Ghana) for transferring money to my NRE account in India.

2. Will my bank in Ghana charge any fee for transfering money to my account in India? If yes, generally what are the types of fee charged for the same?

3.What documents will I need from my employer in case if I'm getting a consolidated salary and the tax is being paid by the company?


I presume you will just need the normal bank details of your account and the swiftcode of your bank and its physical address.
There will be charges. Usually it is a standard amount and not based on the amount you are sending. Perhaps someone else can help as I have never transferred money out.
You will need to get the relevant documents from your employer to open an account. I presume your employer will make all the deductions before paying you your salary but I am not sure about that.

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I dont want to make u feel worried but search the internet to know more about the country. Its not a easy life out there

Hello, it seems impossible to send money from Ghana to any other country by Western union ? Can you confirm ? Thanks.

I think that is true but you can make transfers from your bank account

you can send by western union in accra head office

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