5 good reasons for living in Brazil


if someone asks you the best reasons for making the choice to live and stay in Brazil, what would be your top 5?

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Well Julien if it were completely up to me, numbers 1 through 4 would be the people. But, can't cheat so they will take number one spot. The Brazilian people are exceptionally warm and friendly. They are communicative, and for the most part treat us 'gringos' like visiting royalty. They have a unique brand of solidarity, I guess that's because they are a long suffered population, so they really stick together. When I first came to Brazil I had to ask myself if I was really looking at a population or just one big family, they are really like that.

The second reason for living and staying in Brazil is the incredible diversity of nature, the flora and fauna here are mind boggling. Every place you turn there is some spectacular new vista, some new animal, flower or tree to discover. Here you will find some of the most breathtaking natural sights you could ever imagine, ranging from the immensity of the Amazon rainforest and Amazon River to the colossal power of Iguaçu Falls. It truly is a shame that many Brazilians do not have any respect for nature and the environment, one can find tons of garbage strewn everywhere, even in the most environmentally sensitive areas. I pray to God this will soon stop.

The third reason is the incredibly diverse culture and history of the country and her people. Since it is South America's largest country you can imagine that the regional differences in her people can be quite pronounced. Brazil is so very much more than Carnaval and Soccer. Everywhere you turn you are immersed in the over 500 years of culture that makes the Brazilian people in every area unique to that area and all of them extremely special in every imaginable way.

The fourth reason is the diversity of the Brazilian cuisine, there are distinct regional dishes that just make your mouth water looking at them. Some regions specialize in seafoods other meat dishes others still vegetable dishes. While it is certainly not the place for a vegeterian because meats (especially barbecue) make up a big part of the culture, a vegeterian certainly would not starve to death here either. In fact, one would find quite a vast array of dished to his or her liking. For me (a shameless carnivore) there is nothing better than a good 'churrasco' (barbecue Brazilian style) or a Feijoada which is a traditional dish created by the slaves during colonization.

The fifth reason is the fact that despite depressed conditions in other parts of the world Brazil and the Brazilian economy is steadily growing. Slowly, for sure, but growing none the less and there is no end in sight. While I often complain about the most complex banking system in the civilized world which we really have, that served to protect Brazil from the brunt of the sub-prime crisis of 2008 and the ensuing European crisis. Brazil as a result was the first country in the world to recover and came out of the financial crisis stronger than any other country, largely thanks to the rules and regulations that I am often cursing. So every dark cloud really does have a silver lining. Here the silver lining really is SILVER, it's a wonderful place to invest even given the high level of bureaucracy involved in bringing money into the country.

I could go on and on, Julien. However, you only asked for the top five so I will stop here and let our members find out the myriad other reasons for themselves. Needless to say I don't know anyone who has come to visit Brazil that has not fallen so deeply in love with the country and her people that they ache to return as quickly as possible; or who like me could never bring themselves to leave this little patch of heaven on earth. Yes, the country has many problems, some quite serious - but there is no place on earth that I'd rather be.

William James Woodward - Brazil Animator, Expat-blog
(totalmente apaixonado pelo país)

1) People
2) Weather
3) Churrasco
4) The atmosphere in general, including people but not only ; spontaneity of things here (except paperworks)
5) Beach

1 Nature ( incl. Beaches )
2 the happiness of the Brazilian people
3 The Weather
4 Opportunities
5 Academmia Golf Range Campinas

( 5 good reasons, very much depend upon economy and location were you live )

Unfortunately/ Fortunately moving back to Denmark in November

Will miss Brazil

wjwoodward :

I could go on and on, Julien. However, you only asked for the top five so I will stop here and let our members find out the myriad other reasons for themselves.

William James Woodward - Brazil Animator, Expat-blog
(totalmente apaixonado pelo país)

I surely admire anyone who has been able to make the move to Brasil.  I LOVE THAT COUNTRY AND THE PEOPLE AND AGREE with everything that William has pointed out.  Beautiful Brasil !!

Thanks for your elogy Greg. It is easy to write such glowing things when you're talking about such a wonderful country and population. What I tell everybody here (in perfect Portuguese of course) which gets them rolling on the floor laughing, but it's true, so true is:

"I'm the only Brazilian to be born in the wrong country, who didn't have either a Brazilian mother or father, simply because the stork was drunk and had the map upside down. The delivery was made in Canada by mistake."

I really feel that way and most of the people I know say that I really do have a Brazilian heart. Guess one of my Brazilian friends at the church I attended in Vacouver (almost all Brazilian congregation) was a cardiac surgeon and did a transplant on me without my knowing it.

Cheers, William James Woodward - Brazil Animator, Expat-blog

Hi Brazil-philes!
I am reading your messages with a big fat smile.
Thank you!
Thanks William and Greg and other posts.  I am Australian, and have been living in Buenos Aires almost a year, and in 2 months I will be coming to Rio de Janeiro for several months  (with a view to stay longer if possible), and am delighted to read such glowing and honest experiences.

You've made my day, guys.

with warmth,

Hi Jenny,

You really sure you wanna do this???? You may never be able to go back again once you've experienced Brazil firsthand...... trust me on this one. I never dreamed of staying here before I came over ten years ago now. Nowadays couldn't think of ever leaving in my wildest dreams!

William James Woodward - Brazil Animator, Expat-blog

Hi Jenny,

Well if you're following your heart then you must come to Brazil. Love is something we all need, just hope that your significant other is someone you have already met or at least have had a very long internet friendship with. The internet can be a pretty scary place, lots of people get hurt because there are plenty out there who claim to be something they're not.

Having said that, I'm living proof that an internet friendship can grow into a deep and abiding love and you can find real happiness. I'm married to a wonderful young (very young) Brazilian woman that I met online and we have a beautiful son who is now five years old. I've never been happier in all my life, she loves me like crazy even though I'm far from being rich and our son is the beneficiary of all of our love and happiness. Believe it or not we have NEVER even had an arguement in all the time we've been together. I truly hope you can find the same.

William James Woodward - Brazil Animator, Expat-blog


I gather from one of your other topic responses that you will ultimately be settling in Belo Horizonte. You can be sure that you will love it and all will go just fine, especially if you have your husband there.

I've lived in Belo Horizonte in the past (almost 4 of my 10 years in Brazil) and it is a wonderful place to live, despite the problems that exist everywhere in Brazil.

Generally speaking if one minds their own business, doesn't go out of their way to bring problems on themselves and doesn't have any involvement with crime or drugs then you're probably in much more danger of getting hit by a bus or truck than becoming the victim of crime. The 'tax man' is more likely to kill you than any bandido. If you haven't already read my posting "A Gringo's Survival Guide..." please follow the link below. It's packed with all the information you will need to know about life and living in any part of Brazil. Follow the safety tips and like me, you will probably never have any unfortunate experiences.


You will love Belo Horizonte provided that you live somewhere close to the city center as opposed to some outlying neighborhood. The main disadvantage is that the city is a bit too centralized as far as commerce goes. Everything you really need you have to go into the city center to find. But... Oh what a city center! It has beautiful parks, an art gallery that is stunning, the smell of flowers in the air everywhere you go, all the trappings of any modern city anywhere in the world. Traffic and public transportation is a nightmare, but tell me anywhere that you CAN'T say that.

The two things that I most loved about BH were, of course, the Mercado Central which is as much a social event as a shopping trip and the street fair (handicrafts) held every Sunday morning on Avenida Alfonso Pena.

William James Woodward - Brazil Animator, Expat-blog.

Sounds like you're not to impressed with BH, was it the fact that Mineiros are a bit more remote than other Brazilians? They tend to take a long time observing and evaluating before forming friendships, for sure. I too found it a bit difficult in this respect, but on the other hand if you do make a friendship there it generally is for the long haul.

BTW, where exactly do you and hubby plan on settling down?

William James Woodward - Brazil Animator, Expat-blog

https://www.google.com.br/url?sa=i& … 6953710651[/img]NFQKqKuvZCXEnf0f-zbySrVV2KOKg&ust=1505246953710651[/img] I am Brazilian and I am very happy to see that you "gringos" (hahaha) are seeing that we have more than carnival and soccer, we are really a good country and sometimes you have a wrong vision of us, we just suffer enough because of xenophoby...  :sosad: (The image is a photo of my simple city, but I love it!)

1. My Brazilian wife
2. The climate
3. The food
4. The Brazilian people
5. The cost of living vs. USA


I am a testament to that visit to Brazil and not wanting to come back. My son and I are african americans born in the Us and found out that we had ancestry from Angola and other various countries of Africa similar to slaves sent to Brazil. Something in me told me I should go this year and we did!

I am a retired military combat vet and have definitely had my share of visiting beautiful places and other less appealing. Once I took my 10 year old on a five week immersion in Salvador da Bahia this past summer from July-August. I knew we wanted to live there by the second week!

Most people thought we were baianos because we look and act very tranquil and are simple people. We have trained Capoeira for 5 years in the States but being there just offered so much more emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually. Everything!

People treated us like we were long lost family after I tried to explain every time we met someone we were Americans. My nickname became Baiana by the locals because I looked and acted like one. I swear somewhere in our DNA Bahia is missing! We felt like it was our long last home when we visited there!

I would say definitely:
1) People
2) Culture
3) Tranquility of the City
4) Easier and Simple Life
5) Food Food Food!!!

We were part of a school that offered an immersion program and instead of just immersed we became part of it!!!

I swear we went through a two week depression once we came back to the States! Now I am going back for Christmas and possibly moving there over the next couple of years. Bahia has definitely stolen my heart and changed our life!!!

People who see only that or try to put the country try down with their claims of “too dangerous” watch too much TV!!!

Amém to that!!!

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