5 good reasons for living in Bermuda


if someone asks you the best reasons for making the choice to live and stay in Bermuda, what would be your top 5?

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1. Weather, of course has to be the main one. We originally come from Vancouver where the winters can be long,dark, wet and cold.
2. Low income tax has to be another for those who have set themselves up as expats, although the high cost of living here in Bermuda largely makes up for it.
3. Crystal clear aqua blue 85 degree water on pink sand beaches with waving palm trees is a definate plus. Many people only dream of visiting one day.
4. Fishing out off the reef for Wahoo, Tuna, Marlin is amazing.
5. If you are into golf, Bermuda is a golfing Mecca. Some of the most beautiful and challanging courses in the world and the season is all year long. Of course, it's not cheap :)

Also from Vancouver (what are the odds?).
1. Weather will always be #1.  While everyone here complains about "winter", it is actually a joke to call the average temperature of 18-20C, winter.  It is a rare day that the sun doesn't make an appearance.
2. Not having to pay 35% income tax.
3. A full and complete infrastructure, amazing for a population of ~65,000, roughly the size of a North American town.  Buses, fast ferries, department stores are all great here.
4. I can buy clothes for less than US prices, and a Swiss watch is sold at 10% less than US, with NO TAX.
5. The scenery is ridiculously breathtaking, especially on a sunny day, which is 95% of the time.

This post needs reviving - Bermuda is really a great place to live.
I am not from Vancouver (which only makes sense if you have read the previous two posts) but England, but despite that I am not putting weather as number one reason to live here - someone else already said that.
1. Pace of life - everything moves just a fraction slower, not so as you get frustrated but it leaves you less tense, less stiff and generally more relaxed.
2. People - universally friendly, always greet you and some walk along with a smile or a song; how can you feel grumpy when faced with friendliness every day?
3. Fish - to eat, fresh, seasonal, and in restaurants amazingly well cooked.
4. Sea - on your doorstep, snorkelling, sailing, fishing, diving, swimming, paddle board, boats, glow-worms, coral, warm.
5. Experience - why not, it is different here.  :cool:

Thank you all for the input :)

Please feel to continue sharing your experiences and information in order to help the members who wish to go to Bermuda :)

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I agree with pinkbikepinksand.  The post needs reviving as the forum is too quiet.  My top 5 were honestly these (warning, I am not the most practical type of person).

5.  A virtually tax free income
4.  The smell of oleander as you step out of the airport
3.  The warm summer temperatures
2.  The sound of tree frogs at night
1.  Elbow Beach

@ lostbutlovingit: Thank you very much for your participation ;)

Well, I am not in Bermuda yet. Seriously considering moving. Because no one has posted over a year, I thought I can post five things that makes me want to book a flight tomorrow and five things that scares me about moving. I am originally from India but living in Toronto for the past five years.

Five things that makes me want to book a flight tomorrow:

1. The weather is amazing (people complain about humidity), but I guess I can manage that as I am from Chennai, one of the hottest and humid cities in India.

2. Crystal clear beaches (Love the water)

3. Heard that it is slow paced (which is great because I am generally relaxed and likes to do things slowly)

4. I heard that the people are one of the friendliest

5. The size (I am genuinely curious)

Five things that terrifies me:

1. The expense (I heard it is one of the highest in the world)

2. The size (As much as I am curious, I am also scared that I will feel trapped after my honeymoon period)

3. Pay - I heard nightmare stories about how employers didn't actually pay their employees for over a year and never did, at the end.

4. I am kind of an introvert and I like my long silences. I feel like maybe people will get offended?

5. I heard that because of the size the city gets extremely crowded.

Feel free to correct me if I am wrong in any of these.

Hello 'Pinkbikepinksand',
We are living in England and are looking to move as retirees to a climate for health purposes.
My husband would give Bermuda a try for three months over winter before making a decision to move.

We are golfers;   one of us plays the Sax and likes live modern jazz.  We like walking for health, etc.etc
Is there any clay pigeon shooting available?

What can you tell me about getting a visa to live there as a couple of retirees?
Do we take out a health insurance policy in England or is it more cost effective in Bermuda?
Any reasonable accommodation available for a retired couple on a low budget (state pensioners)?  Are there reasonably priced apartments for rent;  anything you know about this is most appreciated.  Is there accommodation for every budget?
Thank you,

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