how to find work in Sharm el sheik Egypt

To all you expats, how easy has it been to find work in Egypt?  Especially in Sharm El Sheik? I am soon to move to Egypt and would like to check out the process.

It depends what you are looking for.

There's a Sit with Job offers:

A lot of them are crap though.
But maybe you find something that suits you.

Best of Luck and let me know, if I can help with anything (other than a job ;) )

Try although I suspect most jobs will be in Cairo.  Until recently, real estate was a great field to find a job in in Sharm.  You may want to check out realtor webistes in Sharm too.

Good luck!

I wish i could work in sharm alskeikh . the cleanest region of egypt.

hi all, i'm a representative of the recruitment agency and i can help you with work.
you can find more info about jobs in Sharm at

best of luck for all of you!

am 26, Nigerian, living in egypt. am looking for a job in sharm el sheikh. pls help me out

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yes - is good but there are a lot of crap jobs for crap money - but is does give good idea of whats happening.  Best options are for diving instructors with good varied language skills.  Remember at the moment in Sharm, where historically tourism is the main income, tourism is at an all time low which is a shame as it is beautiful and safe.

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it depends what work you're willing to do. just remember the salary is nothing like england! if you're up for anything - it's very easy to find work here.

costs of living is nothing like England as well..its a ratio

No its not really

because the cost of living isnt 25% or lower

also you will need to save - at least so you can visit home once a year maybe

:top: hi i hope u can help me to work in sharm el sheik

Hi amimapundato19,

For better orientation, it would be best if you could tell us more about your qualifications and experience please.

Thank you,


Sharm is great, would like to work there as well. I am a personal trainer.

Good evening everyone,
I'm just one week back from Sharm and I would like to know how is it with job in Sharm ...

Hello MissEllie,

Welcome to :)

Are you looking for a job?
If so, I suggest to post an ad in the section jobs in Sharm el-Sheikh.

All the best,
Olivier Team

Hey guys!! Am going out to Sharm 21st Sept for 2 weeks and then hoping to start work from the 5th October with a friend. We are probs looking for animation as it includes accomodation so we can work together. Does anyone no of any decent companies that I could get in contact with.

Thanks in advance :)

if you are travelling there, i guess you can just go direct ot any hotel and hunt a job as it is not so hard there in Sharm.

Thanks guy!!

I know that this is a subject for her own, but if anyone have relations to any hotel, that needs a receptionist or anything near that, you are all welcome to contact me.

I speak english, danish and turkish.. mostly understand german also.
I'm 24 years old, and my profession is hairdressing..

Thank you!
/ Alev.

@ Alev > Do note hesitate to post your job request in the jobs section here as well : … el-sheikh/

Who knows, it might help your message to get across more effectively ;)

Good luck


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