Hello from a Malaysian in Adelaide

hi guys, I have been living in Adelaide for 3 years now, but just stumbled upon Expat-Blog tonight. I would like to find out if there are any other Malaysian out there, living in Adelaide, missing home like me .... I do have a few friends, but hey, the more the merrier :-)

Hoping to hear from you guys soon, or anyone at all who would like to add more friends outside of facebook!


Hi and welcome to the forum shamahim!

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hi just stumbled upon your msg  looking for other malaysians. notice the msg been a couple of years old, wondering if you're still here in adelaide. i'm malaysian in adelaide. been here almost 10 yrs now.

Hey Suraya!

I'm Afiq and I will be going to Adelaide in a month time for work around 2 years. Just wana get some info on how's Adelaide in general and is there a good place for me to rent?


This site is especially helpful: … nformation

Looking forward for my next assignment in Adelaide...

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