Learn golf nearby Ho Chi Minh City

Hello! My name is Lionel, I am 23 and I come from France. I will arrive very soon in HCMC and I will like to learn golf !

Does anybody know good places to practice as beginner or anybody would be interested to learn with me ?

What are the general fees to play golf in Vietnam ?

Thank your for your attention :)

Welcome to Lionel!;)


Hi Lionel,

If you're living near District 1, there's a driving range just nearby in District 2.

Here is the Google Plus page with the address. I've never been, but I've seen it from the road. It looks pretty basic, just an open field with a net. … bout?hl=en

Also, there's quite a few golf courses/resorts around. The closest one I know of is in Phu My Hung about 7km south of District 1. My friend golfs there and says it's decent for a weekend break.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for this information Nuton. It's very useful ! I contacted a golf instructor in HCM and he also told me about this range in district 2.

I just remembered I had this list of golf courses near Ho Chi Minh City saved from a project I was working on a few months ago:

Saigon South Golf Course
Nguyen Van Linh Parkway
Tan Phu Ward, District 7, Phu My Hung
Tel: (84.8) 5.411.2001, (84.8) 5.411.2003

Him Lam Driving Range
234 Ngo Tot To
Ward 22, Binh Thanh District
Tel: (84.8) 3.518.0193

Vietnam Golf & Country Club
The Club House
Long Thanh My Ward, District 9
Tel: (84.8) 6.280.0103

Long Thanh Golf Club & Residential Estate
National Highway 51, Tan Mai 2 Hamlet, Phuoc Tan Village
Ben Hoa City, Dong Nai Province
Tel: (84.61) 3.512.512

Palm - Song Be Golf Resort
77 Binh Duong Boulevard
Lai Thieu, Thuan An, Binh Duong Province
Tel: (84.650) 3.756.660

There was so many golf courses around SaiGon the city banned any more from being built.

That was last year.

Him Lam Driving Range
was pretty good.  Not crowded on a weekday

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Hi Lionel,
I am golf Teacher, certified by French Government, PGA member.
I teach golf once a month in Ho Chi Minh, I will be in November  the 4/5/and 6.
If you need help with your swing, I can tell you the advice to improve your game.

Best regards


Anybody knows Golf teacher in hcm?

Hi Anvohoang,

I am golf Teacher, how can I help you?


Hi Alain
Nice to know u
Please call/ text me xxx
or drop your phone no, i will call back to ask detail

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I think  Vietnam Golf & Country Club is good for you because it's have many french  teacher and player (  next to french compound and french school)


My name is Yasushi who is living in HCMC now.
Nationality is Japan. I can speak English a little bit.
I would like to have golf lesson. Are you in HCMC now?
If you are not here, do you know any good Golf coach?

My HC was around 17 at 6years ago.
But I did not play the almost from 2012 to three month ago.
Latest three round score was around 130…….. Terrible.

I would like to enjoy the golf again.

Please help me!


Dear SushiKK,

I am sorry, I don't know very well the other golf coach in HCMC.
I live in Nha Trang and I only come once month to Saigon for few days.
Next time will be in August.
Best regards,

Alain, golf coach.

Dear Alain,

Thank you for your reply.
When you come to HCMC, is it possible to give me a lesson?


Yes of course Mr Yasushi.
I don't yet set my date for August.
Can you give me your email address?
Then I can inform you.
Or SMS me, here it is my phone ***

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HI Yasushi,
Yes I can!
I need your private email to contact you.

Hi all, I’m daniel from Singapore , currently working in hcmc. I’m looking for a golf instructor, preferred to be in dist.2. Anyone who got the contact pls share me. Thank you!

Hello Daniel. I live in D 7, but I am mobile. I AM retired, and I AM anxious to teach you :) !

I have worked as a caddy since I was a young boy (1973), played until last year (Toronto, Halifax, St. John's, all in Canada), and as I am now retired I have much free time to teach you (for FREE!). Drop me a line and we can link up (pun intended).
Golf should be about personal growth, focus, and discipline, but NOT about cash and (endless) frustration(s). Your greatest adversary should be the number of strokes you hit on your last round, not your opponent on today's outing. The best thing your current course opponent will be, would be as an eye to keep your stroke counts honest  ;)
As a tip, always focus on your short game. Any gorilla can hit 225(+) yards (and sometimes even straight!), but it takes finesse to lob a 20 yard'er onto the green close to the flag.
Best for now,

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