I am french girl and looking for someone to do activities ?? ^^

My name is Pauline, and I'll be 18 years old and am looking for people who spend time and also visit nearby.
I love going to the movies, shopping, spending my days at the beach and visit a lot of things and also I want a girl with whom enroll in a gym if interested.
Alone, it is not always  stay alone all time, but the company would be welcome.

Good day everyone and do not hesitate to respond :)
send me a message, if you're interested

Hello, I'm Etienne, I have 21 years old. I'm french student and currently I do an internship in Perth for 5 Month. I arrived in Perth 3 days ago and I know nobody here. So if you are interested to do something, like go drink a glass in bar or visited Perth, tell me. My email adresse is xxx if you want to write me.

See you later may be!

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Hi Etienne,

Thanks for your message.

hey is it easy for jobs in australia ? im willing to move if i get a job can u help me with it ?

Hi Pauline, how are you?? where do u live?? Am just new to Perth, and i need friends here... would love to be friend with you...

Hi Pauline..

I'm Nicolas French guy 34 years old. I'm living near Fremantle and I would like to have some activities too. I'm open for pretty much everything so just let me know and we can catch up somewhere..

HAve a good night


Hi Pauline,

How are you? I just saw your posting and was wondering if you are still looking for activity partners. If so, which area do you live in?


I am interested

Hi Pauline! I'm Andrea, nice to meet you. We are on the same boat!! Ahah so let's meet up!

Hi Andre,

Pauline had posted back in 2012, I doubt you have a response. I suggest you participate on more recent threads.

All the best,

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