Salary for comfortable living + savings in Bergen

I have been pondering taking a position in Bergen. A question of mine, which I've had some difficulty finding a good answer is whether a salary of between 500,000-600,000 NOK per year is sufficient for two people renting an apartment, living comfortably but not extravagantly, and would it be enough to have some left over for savings.

Obviously this really varies between people's opinion of comfortable living. I have just found widely varying responses where some say that is a good salary and others say that is just enough. but my main concern is that would this be enough for rent 1 bedroom apartment, near city center, utilities, mobile phone, food, transportation. Hoping some Bergen locals can shed some light based on experience,

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A salary in the range you indicate is an average plus salary in Norway, so you will be able to afford all what you mention. Manay families live here with that salary. The only thing that can make a dent in your living standards is whether you want to have a car and which type of car you would like to have as they are really expensive here compared to most of the other countries.

Finally, from a tax perspective, it's often best to buy in Norway rather to rent, but the real estate market is very expensive now.

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This thread on Cost of living in Norway can help as well. ;)

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I would agree with AuNordDuMonde. You can live well on that salary, but you should probably forget having a car. Cars are insanely expensive to buy and to run. It's a constant stream of bills and taxes.


The answer is unfortunately the imprecise "it depends".

I live with my partner, and am quite thrifty.  We recently bought a two bedroomed flat because the rent in the city centre was getting too high.  If you look here ( … 465&sort=2) you can see that a partially furnished room in a shared flat can cost up to 5000kr pcm.  One bedroomed flats start at around 7000kr pcm, but the ones which are the best deal (i.e., highest ratio of quality against cost) are around 9000kr pcm.  That's more than my mortgage!  If you're renting, then you usually only pay the electricity, internet, and phone bill (the water charge and municipal charges are usually rolled into the rent), so budget another 1000kr pcm for that (that's a really imprecise number; it will vary by season as well, and how much you like sitting indoors with a jumper on).

Foodwise, we spend around 1000kr per week for the two of us, and that includes eating out at an inexpensive restaurant once or twice.  Eating out more often than that will quickly become expensive.

We don't have a car, so I spend 660kr pcm on a public transport pass, but if you're taking the buss after one in the morning, it costs 60kr regardless.

A pint (usually 400ml) of domestic lager will cost between 45kr and 65kr, depending on where you go (and could cost more).  A cinema ticket for an American release will cost around 120kr.

So, for two people, I would budget 10,000kr for rent/utilities, 5000kr for food, 2000kr for transport, and another 5000kr for entertainment, giving you a budget of 22,000kr pcm for the two of you.

Remember, though, that you'll have start-up costs like furniture, that your desired lifestyle will not be the same as mine (we lived for four years without a sofa and don't have a TV), and that your partner will go mad if s/he doesn't get out into the job market or find something to do all day.

Can you find room for me to rent I wanna come there for living nd work I'm from Singapore

I'm wondering if they have changed much in the last few years ?

Also, is a budget of 180,000 Kr enough for a house for a family of 4 ?

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