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Hi there,
I am from UK and been living in Asia for 3 years.  While living in Singapore I volunteered at the local school with kids with learning difficulties and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Was looking to do voluntary work when I moved to KL to keep me busy.  Are there any places in KLCC area that I can help with kids, maybe few days per week?
I look forward to hearing from you.
Many thanks

Hi there are lots of orphanages, and some SEN kids end up there, however I had a problem volunteering as they wanted fluent Malay teachers as the kids couldn't speak a word of English. You could try schools that teach in English or try hard looking around. Another issue is that parents dont want to acknowledge special needs so many just struggle in mainstream school being passed from school to school - schools don't want SEN children. There are some schools (run by volunteers) for general learning difficulty children that would need help - language less of an issue

Good luck

hi kaz i am a volunteer teacher with kids near IMBI, if you are intered write me, you can go one day, two days...............

see you

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