New on the expat blog directory!

Hi all,

We invite you to discover the new features of the directory:

1- News

You can now share your posts with the community.
The new heading entitled “News” enables you to share the last blog posts: the aim is to highlight your blog’s content and to invite even more the community to discover and read it.

Note that you can activate or deactivate this option at any time from your profile page > My blog tab.

2- New blog listing

To give more exposure to the most active blogs, the blog listing in the directory has been improved. You can now browse blogs registered in the directory by:

-    last post,
-    popularity,
-    number of visitors,
-    date of registration.

3- More interactivity with the community

To make the blog directory more interactive, a recommendation system is now available. Your blog can be recommended (“+1”) by the other members.

The comment system has also been improved. You can now reply to a specific comment or add a new one.

Do not hesitate to share your thoughts and comments ;)

On a quick look, this seems a great new feature set. I'll definitely be signing up for it. Great work!

I love it! I think all of these are wonderful ideas! Have these changes already taken place?

wow this is cool julien,how can i registered my blogs on this new set up?


Great new features! Will you (or do you now?) accept RSS feeds from our blogs?

- Casey

A Dull Roar

When these new features will be available?

I like the new ideas

Looks great!

Super cool new features! looking forward to it, I'm gonna have some exploring to do ;)

These updates look fantastic!  When do they go into effect?

Looks really good. Maybe you could also list number of posts, and also when the blog began (this might be different from registration date)

Hi Julie,

indeed very much additions to the existing features related to the listings of blogs. Looking forward to this already.

The threaded comment system is also very pleasant to have.

The drafts look promising. Any ideas when those changes might be available? Do you run a beta phase on these features?

Love the new changes ! Like everyone else I want to know when do they go in effect??

Hi guys,

thanks a lot for your feedback !

Everything should be online in 3-4 days maximum.

You shouldn't have to do anything, we've taken care of everything :)

Excellent, this will be really useful and what I had hoped for for some time now.


Thank you for making these changes, they will surely improve the experience a lot!
I especially like the new blog listing feature. One suggestion though, changing the default or first tab to latest post. That way readers can find the most active blogs and latest news and updates :)

Great new changes!

Looks great! I look forward to taking advantage of the new features and spreading the word.

It looks good to me. Thanks for letting me know.

When you say it will list by visitors do you mean visitors from
When does the new system start?
Reading below I agree with listing numbers of posts, when the blog began and also making the default - the latest post.
Dear England, Love Canada

What a great idea!

One thing I have noticed though, is that when you land on the blog directory page for a particular country i.e. Portugal
You list the latest blogs on the LH side of the screen but the directory of other blogs is hidden away. I had to hunt for my listing and I knew it was there...somewhere :)It seems once you've slipped off the main page...that's it :(

Presumably we are a band of regular bloggers and users on this post. We should recommend each other, no?

all logical choices for a more useful, and engaging offering. the entire world of original content is gravitating towards curated streams (think clipboard, pulse news, zite as examples). the more you can create a page that has previews blog posts in interesting ways  -like a sort of magazine cover, the more you will engage.

Yes these changes look good and a positive improvement.
The main drawback with this site is that by splitting it up into regions it reduces the traffic - the other forums I visit that have one section for all of Spain have far more threads/comments/traffic. OK so sometimes the thread is localised but overall I feel they work better.

These are some great features. Looking forward to checking them out (^^

These changes look great!

I've noticed a bug, though. I just changed my blog address from to and now I can't find any links to it! For example, on this page:

If you click the "Overseas Exile" link (under latest blogs), the URL still reads … but it redirects to


I am delighted to be part of this project, and look forward to the improvements. My book will be published in a month or two when I move to Panama, and I will start a new blog and book on living in Panama!
Thanks for the continued good work.

Thank you for making all these changes. As bloggers we all want more exposure, to share ideas and to be able to comment and support other blogs and of course help expats feel more at home wherever they find themselves. these seem to be great additions.As we see them in action, we will be able to give you more feedback:-))

Great new changes. Looking forward to it!

Nice.  Thanks for the update.

Nice interface. Excited about it. Thanks for the update.

thanks for the new features, hope it's give much impact for the Expat.comger comunity to share each other :)

The changes sound great! Can't wait to share my next post on!

Looking good!!!

Hi everyone,

hope you are well today !

We are currently running usability and user interface testing ; based on the information we collect we'll apply a few changes, then we'll go live. It shouldn't be very long :)

Spainrico :

The main drawback with this site is that by splitting it up into regions it reduces the traffic - the other forums I visit that have one section for all of Spain have far more threads/comments/traffic. OK so sometimes the thread is localised but overall I feel they work better.

I agree. We live in the Algarve and there are thousands of expats here but it is not listed as a region.

Great improvement of the site! Thanks and have a lovely day everyone!

good idea

After a few adjustments last week, we went live a couple of hours ago.

As you can imagine, your feedback will be appreciated :)

What do you think about the changes ?

Kind regards,


Hi Julien,

I'm unable to find the page where I register to add my posts to news. Sorry to be a little thick, but please can you post the URL as I've spent ages looking.


Piglet > I kind of have the same question as you, and I actually posted about it yesterday but aparently my post was deleted...


I think it is GREAT!
Let me ask you something though, I posted 2 new articles today on my blog, and they aren't on my blog's page here on expatblog yet. Do I have to do the update manually?
Good job folks! You guys are truly amazing!

Hi Ninouska,

:D Glad it's not just me :lol: Please can anyone help?

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