Invitation letter for Turkish visa

I'm Vietnamese and love to travel to Turkey this Dec. However, in the visa requirement, there must be an "invitation letter" from a person living now in Turkey. They don't accept for independent traveller to Turkey.
Can anyone pls help? I try all the ways and till now no response so quite desperate abit.
Looking forward to any reply and appreciate

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i have interst  to receive am invitation letter from u to come to ur side &  any available  vacancy of job at ur side i will acept. am also an electrician & expert driver with 7 year experience. love to here from u

i wish to try  immigrer au  canada

Your Italian boy friend may help to issue schengen visa or if you already have, you can get the Turkish visa in airport.

For Turkey must be need any nationality invitation letter?

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how can i get a letter of invitation from turkey?

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