Looking to move to Mexico between Campeche & Sabancuy. Anyone there?

Well it is over one year later and we still don't have permits promised several years ago.
And you say you are using your real names.  Then why can i not get the real last name of Tony or Mikael.  Mikael won't even step up and talk to me i person.
You should not claim in your adds that your properties guarantee a 300% return.  there are many investors like me who have been told this for many more years.  And you sold to retired people and told them they can build.  And you are saying you have permission to build in "Black and White".  But i asked for that and you do not provide it.  All i am asking for is truth.
Again, real names. what is mike and tony's real name and why are they not listed on the companies.


hello Alexiablue,
did you ever get that list of land owners in Sabancuy?
I began to survey my lots and found other fences and signs on them.

hello Alexiablue,
did you ever get that list of land owners in Sabancuy?
I began to survey my lots and found other fences and signs on them.

not sure of the all of the legalities but squatting is a very real way to gain ownership of land in Mexico.

Well another year goes by and now this email comes out (below..did you guys get this?) that was sent on Feb 13th. Days away??? it has been over a week with no word.
So does this mean they have to build a beach club first before we can get building permits? Or just more empty promises... five years later and still waiting... not sure how they sleep at night. probably nice and comfortable on all that money.

Buen día amigos, I wanted to share the plot plans of the beach club, we are at only days away to get the approval from SEMARNAT

( les comparto los planos finales del club de playa)
saludos cordiales,

Theyre all lies.  Stay away from this land. it is federally protected from building.  Plus all this gang selling it have promised for years.  they are out to get you.

I am curious to know where things have gone with this blog and this area.  Last message was from jbird123 and he didn't seem so happy back in February of this year.  I'd love to get an update.

Here is the last update I received., but take it with a grain of salt because we have been hearing it for years.......

After meeting all the state and federal authorities we have reached a significant advance. SEMARNAT (the defining authority), FONATUR (federal fund for tourism), SEDECO & PROCAMPECHE (the state secretary of commercial development), SECTUR (the state secretary of tourism) and the city hall of Carmen are all positive to our project, which includes at the moment a beach club, activity park, boutique hotel(s), commercial area. Our first submitted part is the beach club and it is underway. We had faced a delay because CONANP (the federal commission of protected areas) solicited some modifications, which our group is presenting them now. These modifications are minor and concern the beach club only. (all these modifications have been done)
Our efforts in favor of our new touristic coast has helped benefit also the local touristic entrepreneurs, who have given us strong and significant support.

         At this moment the building permits will come approved by the end of august or the beginning of September

I too am trying to sell as I am sure many are and a 10% fee is outrageous. I don't know of anyone that charges that amount. I don't believe any resales will happen until maybe after the building starts. There are a lot of us in this boat and we were all sold on empty promises. I was even was shown a building permit for one of the lots. I still believe it will happen but 5 yrs (at least for me) has been wasted. I could and would of bought in a different area IF....always an if.

I understood the corporation fees at the time of the sale but had no idea that the lawyer fees would be more than the corporation fees and taxes combined. He has you over a barrel and he knows it.

I would like to know if there any of the buyers living in Mexico or frequently visit.

there has to be another way of paying corporate fees and the taxes, like a Mexican
accountant for instance.   My fees were 35% higher earlier this year because of Canadian
to US exchange rates.   I have been paying all this money for 9 years now. 
What i thought was going to be an asset turned out to be a liability.  It is like throwing money away.  I don' know about you but for me it is hard to come up with this money
every year especially knowing that it is for nothing. 

I wish there was something we could do.  If all buyers get together and come up with
suggestions ???

Just a quick thought off the top of my head, I think if we got X number of investors together and found a legit law firm that would handle X amount of corporations and the accounting fee we may be able to get a better rate then the crazy fees we are paying individually. Like most things it's always cheaper to buy in bulk.

I think it is a great idea.  The big challenge will be to find an honest and totally independent lawyer with no ties to realtors.
If we could find this person it would make a world of difference.
Does anyone who is an expat know of anyone like this ???
Would appreciate any suggestions

I believe 90% of the lot owners would be happy if they could get their money back> 5 yrs and counting, thousands on fees. Paid to clear and fence the lots on empty promises. Probably all grown back in by now. All i can do is hope... but not much of that left. I imagine most saw this by now, less then a month to Dec 20th.

This is to update you on the first phase of our new touristic coast of Mexico, which is the Eco-touristic center Ah Kanan in Sabancuy, Campeche:
On Wednesday, September 27th we had the defining meeting with the authority as we had completed the modifications we were asked to carry out.
Our project has now received the positive response from all the authorities and we are to finish the executive project for them. We have been told, that our approval will be out before December 20th, 2017.
The first approval in this new Eco-touristic coast will increase your property value fast. In case you have been waiting to re-sell, December-January is a good time to start, even though by keeping the position for some time should be very profitable.
On the other hand, if you are ready to start with your project, we invite you to contact us as well.

We also take this opportunity to inform you, that the risk of squatters entering the properties has increased. As you probably know our company has taking care of the security of all of your properties, but we have lately realized, that there is a need to increase the amount of the guards. We advise all you fellow investors to secure your lots with surveillance. If you wish, our office will assist you to arrange this. It is important to mention, that this is not an expensive matter when we operate collectively.

Hi All,

I was looking to purchase a lot and found this topic. Any updates on the building permissions? It seems that the situation is tricky, any updates from owners who visited recently?

Thanks upfront for any help!



karkius1 :

Hi All,

I was looking to purchase a lot and found this topic. Any updates on the building permissions? It seems that the situation is tricky, any updates from owners who visited recently?

Thanks upfront for any help!



Same here!

Any update would be appreciated!

Thanks a lot!

Are they offering a money back guarantee?

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Mr. G
It is now April 1 2018.
As a private investor with a past dream of building a great project I found what seems to be continued deception by your company. I have a great deal of money invested in this project and understand telling the truth will impact the value of my land. However the land is worthless if I am not able to build.
Still No Permits. 4/1/2018 .  How  Many years will you continue to promise development.

Merida Realty AKA Global Properties Services will not provide investors a submitted plan.
They knew this land was federally protected and did not tell investors.  This has evolved into great disappointment in what may be able to be built If we ever get permits.

Mean time if you have been to the shoreline you will see that the land continues to erode.
Most recently I have determined someone has surveyed and placed fences on the same coordinates.
Their answer is only to try and move me to older coordinates that reflect so much erosion the sea line boundaries will have to be moved.  They will offer not effort to move the fences off my land.

On April fifth, a web link will be put on this site to let you know what to beware of.
all that will be posted has been verified as okay to post by the US FBI
beware1 aka jm

If you are under 40 years old you may have an investment if you can wait another 10 years.
Promises have been made for as many years.
Mean time, this land like many in the world continue to erode.  Chances are most of what you buy will be in the sea before you build.
Plus, the builder is only staying it is now an eco area but are not fairly explaining the ramifications of this type of land use.
They, the seller is also no using the town Isla Aquada to promote this useless land.
jm aka beware 1
you can reach me at ***

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At this point the attorney would take a contingency.  The problem is they laundered the money and have straw men as owners. All you might do is stop them from continuing.
This is a shame how mentally disturbed they are. One of them is using his child in the marketing photos.
if you want to put together a group i am willing to take this to the US FBI.

The FBI will tell you to seek redress with tne Mexican authorities. I have yet to see any post that recommends going to the MX authorities.

you sound like you have experience. One of their interviewers seemed receptive when i called.
I have something on them if i can find a legal counsel that knows how to proceed.

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