Looking to move to Mexico between Campeche & Sabancuy. Anyone there?

I spent several months per year getting to know the process. my problem is I trusted the attorney referred to me by the selling company. He was also working in their best interest and his own pocket.  Thus at 66 years old I own 18 lots controlled by the turtles and mangroves.
the deeds were sealed but they were not recorded with the state for one year.  I believe they were laundering the money.  I agreed to list the price on the deed as ValorCatastral. what a mistake. I deserve all I get for not being more careful.
I also own a historic home in  Merida that is presenting its own challenges with INHA.
I found, the cost of durable goods to be at or more than in the US.
Chain and established restaurants are at or above US pricing.  I don't see the savings other than property tax if you cheat.
finally, at my age, those hot humid days play hard on my stamina.
Hopefully we will get some sort of approval and infrastructure so I can sell it to younger people who have time to watch it grow.

It must have been very frustrating. If you bought hoping to build right away and still no permits after how many years?
Hope all works for you in the end sooner than later. Wish everyone was as honest as you.

I bought in early '13 with their promise to build. since then I have spoke to several owners who have been waiting as long as 6 years.  My original plan was to build private villas. with these types of delays and being 66 the plan has changed.  I can't do much with this without taking it legal and who knows how long and the cost of that. I figure i'll wait and if I get lucky I won't need the money until the end of my life.
stay well and talk again. I'll return to Merida for a couple months in late November.

FACTS We have  obtain  deeds between a  5  months  period after land purchase.

-Who has a project, design ready and SUBMITTED  for approval? Who has ACTUALLY  started the process for  a building permit? This is important to know.  Have you started a building permit and have been DENIED ??? -

I travel often to Campeche / Sabancuy area.Sabancuy has gas station, small markets where you can buy essentials and fresh vegetables and fruits, pharmacies, etc . A small town but has enough to survive.  You may purchase excellent,  fresh seafood at the local markets and at the "Puerto de Abrigo" (Fishermans harbor. I recommend the one in Isla Aguada)  but of course, you will have to do some cooking.  In Champoton, on the road to Sabancuy, we always purchase bags of  crab stone . They come already cooked. Delicious. Perfect beach picnic item. Just don't forget to keep in your car some shell crackers.Isla Aguada, a 20 minutes or less ride, has some good places to eat.  My favorite is restaurant  "El Puente" close to the OXXO and across the gas station, just before the bridge to Ciudad del Carmen. The kitchen's front wall is all glass, so, you can see how they handle the food preparation.  Nice :)
- By experience I  know  approved building permits takes time in areas like Boquerón I, II III, el Molon, etc. (For example, are you familiar with the Tulum experience?)  If you were purchasing land ready to build, of course, the price will be 10 times (even more) of what we have been paying for.
- I have a beach front property in the best location of Chelem. 20 meters beach front x 100 meters deep. 20 minutes away from Merida. Swimming pool, a very nice guest  cottage alredy built. Drawings ready to build a nice home.   I'm selling it to buy more land in Sabancuy.  If anyone is interested, please contact me at piedadd[at] or 1-7542453132
-Also, if anyone wishes to contact  me regarding info on the Campeche/Sabancuy/ Yucatan  area, you are welcome to do so. I try my very best to give the most accurate info.
I will be between  Campeche  and Merida from Sept.20 till Oct. 5th. Anyone wants to meet?
All the best!

sounds to me like you are one of the owners or work or one of those real estate companies making promises on the land in sabancuy.  there have been permits submitted that have been denied.  i would not buy in this area unless you have many years to wait for values to increase.  a large company has been selling land here with promises of building "soon".  they have been promising me that permits are an arm's reach out and its been three years.  this is a protected area. they will show you aerial videos of what may be interpreted as beautiful trees near a lagoon.  it is swamp land that cannot be build on. unless the government approves a strong beach restoration through a seawall process the erosion will take the land away in ten years.  i lost a meter per year so far. I have asked for written documentation of the limitations and the developer will not give them to me.  They also continue to change the strategy of what will be built.  If you want to buy land in that area i own 18 lots and will be happy to sell you all you want at a price probably less then others are selling. I believe it will be build but not for years to come.  if anyone is ready to retire i'd steer away from this area.

Yes, I'm an investor.
We all know that for the permits to be approved, first step is the MIA
Unfortunately  so many words goes around and many end to be just angry words because of frustration, etc. Totally understandable but we have to build a file of proven facts.
I'm just trying that we   bring to the blog info with  grounds. The ideal would be that those that are saying that permits were denied,  publish documents that prove  it.  We all will  benefit from that,  we all get to know where we are, what to believe and not just spread panic. 
To my understanding only the owner of lot #14,  Boquerón I,  has applied for a Mia and  has gone through most of the entire building permit process.  I understand too that his/her permit  has not been fully approved (some steps have been) but the permit  have not been denied either.   

An yes, Beware, let us know the price of your lots. We are interested only on those 100 meters deep. Thank You


And yes, Beware, let us know the price of your lots. We are interested only on those 100 meters deep. Thank You

i agree with all you say with this exception.  anything i have posted in any of my blogs is not anger, they are facts an warnings of how this company operates.
I don't know that they broke laws other than to launder money.
i will be there again in the fall for other business.  I'm sorry i will not get to meet you.  my private email is campachesands[at] 
i will discuss my lots through there.  send me your name as well as your phone number and where you reside. i see you have a USA phone number but i thought i saw you are from another country.

Hi everybody,

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Mr. John Mavris aka beware,

From the part of Merida Realty we want to say, that we are here in our offices every day working for our investors. The delays in the permit process have been due to a lack of instructions from the authority in Campeche, some bad advising from the authorities as well as the companies we have contracted to do our studies. On top of the mentioned there has been some political restlessness, because of our very special area. But what has been a challenge will be our biggest asset in the future of Riviera Campeche. Our land is exceptionally beautiful and we will only build to improve it, not to damage it. 

Now the master plan is underway for the whole zone, which will see same kind of development as Riviera Maya. Riviera Campeche is a reality. The publicity will follow in some  weeks from now. Of course we understand, that with the master plan your permits will not take 5 years to get approved. It is the only way to get everyone’s permit process smooth and the only way to know what exactly can be built on each and every of the lots. This will also bring other investors and resorts to the area, which will increase your property value.

We have never stopped pushing forward and investing very heavily in this process. Yes, it has taken a lot of time, but you are barking at the wrong three and you are also creating a bad reputation to your own property. We are also always reachable in our offices with our own names, ready and willing to give real information and support to our Sabancuy family.

In any case we will finish this process and all our investors will be more than satisfied – including yourself.


First Priscilla (mod)
Thank you for keeping this blog going. It's still very much needed.

Ok, Its time we all talk again.
Not sure if you got the email but its made more waves with me than in the attached videos.
3500$ for a barbed wire fence?? Not even real fence posts.
The sales pitch that was given to me when I wanted to bring in heavy equipment doesn't even come slightly close to that price. I know we're not from Mexico. But I won't be taken advantage of anymore.
Now I feel like I'm being played.
OMG! It's Mexico. Things like this can't be more expensive than where I live.
I'll find someone myself to cleanup the land and put up a fence thank you very much.

Hi Rod, please read carefully before, it's this is exactly what we are trying to avoid, first is not just labor or just to go and clean and fence, there are rules, it requires an engineer & government officials, the correct materials, to know that you are fencing exactly where it should be and most important how much can be clean and from where 


I have been looking for land in Mexico as well and the Real-Estate person certainly seems to promise more then I think he can deliver. The beachfront property they have offered is in El Molon in Campeche and they claim its already buildable. which I doubt. You guys are providing great tips. Thanks. I am still looking for beachfront land, any help assistance is very much appreciated. **

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I have been trying to email you but for some reason keep getting a failure message. Could you please email me **? I am extremely interested in beachfront land there but so far it seems three years and going and people still don't have any word on their permits.


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I know how all of you feel....I own "4 lots" in the Sabancuy area.  Frankly at $3500 each to clean and fence seems a little extreme to me.....with so many owners, they could get a much better rate I would think.

I will not be doing this until the price becomes a little more realistic, and further have placed all of my lots for sale.  We have asked for help previously from Merida Realty to sell our lots for us....but didn't get anywhere, so have listed with an agent.....and with luck get rid of them.


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Hola Jo-Anne, I believe we have given you the quote for 5 lots which is 7900  or 1580 each not 3500.

In regards to the re-sale of your lots we do have a list from those clients that are in need to sell their lots before the Master plan is completed we are currently selling our available lots at 175,000 USD each that are very similar in size as yours, so as you can see there very interested clients asking to invest in our area however with all this positive comments I am sure that your lots will sell faster now.

Here is an update on where we are at the moment:

    We are working together with the authorities and the Master plan is underway. GPPA ( Consultants in Management, Policy and Environmental Planning ) has already terminated the first phase of the master plan, which is the political, juridical and ambient analysis. This already completed analysis shows clearly in writing, that we are able to build on our properties. Now we need to present to the authorities the Master plan including all the projects, including our investors that are planning to build on their properties. It is necessary to do it in one total, because they will not accept individual studies. This work is being done by GPPA, EDSA and our group, which include the same people, who created the project Campeche Beachfront. Also the project has started to convert the whole coast between Champoton and Isla Aguada into an eco-touristic area. GPPA has submitted over 160 studies and none of them has been denied.

    Today we have in black and white the proof the fact, that our land is buildable and it is to be used for eco-tourism. Now we are changing and updating the obsolete regulations with our Master plan. This needs to be done to allow more effective ways to build. In example in our properties are crossing two water lines, electric and two fiber optic lines. There are two lines of electricity poles, but according to the current regulations, we should install solar energy only. There is no sense, of course to do so and therefore the regulations need to be updated to favor us. Unfortunately this will take some more time (4-10 months), but we do have you the security, that you can build and I will be more than happy to show you all this in our offices during your visit.

    My sincere apologies for the delay. Please let me know if there is anything else I could help with. Now it is the moment to invest in this new eco-touristic area of Yucatan Peninsula. See what happened to the land prices in Riviera Maya and in Telchac, San Crisanto, San Bruno in the past 8 years.

1. Do not attempt to purchase land or real property unless you have seen the product.
2. You should first rent in the area you wish to reside.
3. Better to purchase a domicile than trying to build.
4. If you only plan to "visit" MX for short periods of time,  better to  rent than to worry about an empty house or tenents
5. You MUST form a personal relationship with your realator, notario and lawyer. You should not conduct business remotely. Realtors are not licensed in MX.
Every town between Campeche and Sabancuy and beyond to Ciudad del Carmen is crappy. (Minimalist) Carmen has all the goodies, good restaurants, Sams, Walmart and several excllent super markets,  nice beach, but MX do not even go to Carmen for vacation.  It is very expensive , congested, and a little dangerous. The center of the MX offshore oil industry is there .
Campeche is clean, less congested and less expensive.  As I said, Champoton and Sabancuy are minimalist.

Alberto:  No we were never given the quote of $7950 for the 5 lots....I only own "4" of those 5.  I have the email from you that stated the $3950 each.

In any case we need to sell our lots "immediately".  So if you know anyone that is interested, please let me know.  The lot that I do not own is the centre one....our lots are two together then one owned by some one else....then two more.

There has been a death in the family....and we will not be building there any longer.

We have "4" beautiful lots for Sale near Sabancuy for sale.  There has been a death in the family, and we are no longer going to build.  If you are interested, please email me at jograff[at]

Hi Jo-Anne, I am really sorry about your loss I know the feeling.

I will resend you the email, and also help you with the sell of your lots

Warmest regards

Helo I am sorry but it seems that my clients like to use this blog instead of contact me directly but I hope now this will change

Much appreciated, it has thrown our plans out the window for sure.  Also it is urgent that we get this done quickly.  Thanks


was wondering if you got any alternative pricing for building these fences?  it seems no one is talking
about it anymore.

would appreciate any info.


Loking to by property beyeew campeche and cd del carmen mx.

Loking to by property beyeew campeche and cd del carmen mx. a lot or two to build a beach hose....

Get your fence built yet?

Hi there:  I own 4 lots in the area, (they are up for sale) just down the road from is really a beautiful area.  If you are interested in building, send me a note.  Thanks

I have 4 lots for sale in the area......

@ rosco2001 and jograff > Please note that the housing section is at your entire disposal, please feel free to post all searches and offers in this designated section. It is more appropriate.


Priscilla  :cheers:

What are you asking$
Per lot
Where are they boq 2?

Hi Prisilla thank you for answered may message  are you know anything about the Sabancuy  lots.  Area??



Nayo, contact me for lots.

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im laughing so hard because none, not one of his promises came true yet. dec 2016

i have 270 contiguous meters of beach front. $3700 per meter.  sold only as a package together.

STOP- Don't let your ego get the best of you. You may lose.


In my opinion there is a long shot that it will take 10 years for this area to develop.  It is truly a minimalist area. You can eat for less if you buy from road side carts.  other than landscapers and house keepers you will pay more than in the USA.  Your property tax will go up once the property is assessed.  Doesn't it make sense that once the government sees development they will tax them? Yep! There are large international shopping in Campeche City and Del Carmen. They offer big box stores with american names.

Don't buy-in- to fancy videos and future concepts unless you see proof in writing that they are true. Its true if you wait the price will go up. In This case my experience says wait.

My ego got the best of me and I let myself be lead down the path of failure. It is my fault. But I feel i was mislead.

Before you buy Sabancuy beach properties from any company you should know these facts.

1. You may hear the golden tongue Guarantee 300% returns. According to per meter pricing advertised by some companies, my lots are not valued for more than 11% over what i paid. Get that Guarantee in writing and the consequences if the guarantee is not met. USE YOUR LEGAL COUNSEL and remember you can't squeeze money from a bankrupt company.

Everything that means anything to guarantee you can build my be kept secret from you. Get it in writing with agency proof.

2. If you don't see approvals to build, signed by all government agencies, you cannot build in this protected area. And all beaches they are protected. Being told they are approved is not proof. You will see that maybe five homes just south of Sabancuy were built on the beach and are nearly all abandon.  Others have owned lots for several years more than me and they bought to retire on. Not happening for them.
3. Hire your own legal counsel. Do not go by your seller's references for representation. That could end up like asking the enemy in the war for directions out of their country. They may not be telling the truth.
4. According to what i'm told there are many parts that will not be permitted Electric so you will have to install upper bracket solar power with batteries.  The systems are good but is a long term investment. Maybe 20 years. Low end systems experience degradation quicker..
5. There is no written plan to build the water infrastructure.  The existing water feeds the cities to the south. Someone has to pay for the new pumping station to feed a coastline of properties. Don't rely on promises.
6. Erosion is a huge problem. You will see how the state is building sea walls next to the highway to prevent the road from caving.  They will not permit sea walls in the water because the turtles are their priority. I'm all for wild life but not at the cost of my retirement. Let the turtles have the land and don't buy there.
7. AAK-Bal has halted building. you will see the empty frames on their land.
8. if you do buy, don't do it under the contract of Valor Catastral.  You may save taxes now but when you sell, the capital gains will kill you.  And if anyone says there are ways, it is illegal. Once you buy into that plan you have exposure to criminal offenses.  At least from a US legal point of view.  The Mexican government is now looking hard at money laundering.
9. If you form a corporation be sure you know in writing what your annual fees will be and written agreements and guarantees of fees. And what the consequences are if the grantees are not met.
10. Know in writing how you will be able to manage or contribute to your corporation.
11. Be sure you see that the property has been surveyed and at least 3" pins are in all the corners. Have an engineer check it.

So who ever you ask to represent you ask for written proof that you can build. Then get at least 10 references from internationals who own land there. And for God's sake check them. Getting the picture on the proof comments?

In my opinion this is a long term investment for you. This is not a retirement now area.  if you have 10 or more years to invest you may have a shot. After all Cancun made it but the same laws are being controlled much harder now.
There is a good chance that there will be another governing administration In Mexico over the next few years.  You have no idea if that will change things for the better or worse.  One person said to live there in a rental for one year before you decide.  I agree.

After doing some homework and If I were 45 or younger I would make the investment in an area like this for my retirement portfolio.  I believe any area such as this, between two large cities, will develop eventually.  Its not for immediate retirement in my opinion. But what do I know.  I screwed up and bought in.

I will gladly make a written retraction if any of what is stated here is found to be inaccurate.

From here its your Ego and Esperanzas y deseos

have you had any luck selling?  my understanding from other clients is they are selling their own first and letting you sit because you are already sold.  I have 17 to sell. Can't wait for the empty promises after four years of them.

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