Looking for expats in Zhaoqing

My wife and I just arrived in Zhaoqing to teach English.  We are American and are looking to meet other expats to learn the ropes of living here.

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not sure in there but jiangmen

Dear Nearocean,

Wondering if you are still living in Zhaoqing? My company is now mapping out a plan to form an expat club for foreign friends in Zhaoqing with government support, to let them gathering together & make friends. Are you interested?

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Yes, we are living in Zhaoqing and would be interested in forming a group.  We are about to go on summer holiday, but we will be back Septmber 1.

Doolick :

Yes, we are living in Zhaoqing and would be interested in forming a group.  We are about to go on summer holiday, but we will be back Septmber 1.

Hi Doolick, glad knowing that. I guess most expats in Zhaoqing are English teachers. Because sometimes I met some foreign friends in Zhaoqing and all of them told me they are English teachers, except one foreign friend I know is running a cafe here.:) Anyway, the idea to form the expat club in Zhaoqing is still an idea at the moment, I need to know the exact quantity of expats in this city first. Wondering how many expats do you know in Zhaoqing?

In case there is any update about the club I will let you know and also below is my contact info for your reference.

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Guangdong South China Intelligent City Development Co.,Ltd.

12 Taihe Road North, Duanzhou District, Zhaoqing, Guangdong, China

Tel: +86-758-2588076

Fax: +86-758-2588071

Email: chenminjing[at]

I am an American living in Zhaoqing. I do not teach English, though I could. I manufacture metal parts and have a factory here. I have lived here now for about 6 weeks while we set up production. I spent 3 months previously in Shanghai. I really like this city.So far I have not met any expats here.
I would like to. Let me know if you start a group.

Hi Nearocean, I just moved to Zhaoqing myself two weeks ago.  Where are you and your wife teaching?  I work for Zhaoqing University.  I hope you have been enjoying your stay so far.  I am looking to meet new people also, would be a pleasure to connect with you both.

Anyone else looking to meet an English-speaking foreigner, I would be open to it.  Hope to chat with some of you soon!

@jeanette11385  Hello, happy new year first , I am come from zhaoqing , I am a doctor and work in zhaoqing city people's hospital. my hobby are joggy and travle , if you have interesting with me , I would likely to company with you to travling my city ,and find some great  landscape or delicious foods....... ;)
you could contact with me : jiayue528[at]

hi ,Shirley , I am glad met you here .... ;)

Hi Peter,

Welcome to Zhaoqing. I am originally from Zhaoqing and love in HK right now. Will back ZQ once a month and would love to catch up. Here is my contact sweety.law1207 (at) gmail

Is this still going on? read it somewhere

"there are bar streets in Zhaoqing, two places, the older one is in Xinghe Road (星荷路肇庆酒吧), and another one is (车城)"

5th october 2015

ok, so we went to those two places i mentioned above. It was the end of national vacation so maybe not the best period to go. Anyway, we were looking for bars and we didnt find any, mostly clubs.

- 星荷路肇庆酒吧, basically nearby the lake, there was only one club next to pizza hut

- 车城: huge place located 3km from the zhongxin lake with many chinese clubs and ktv.

- Xinghu road between two lakes: we saw one outside bar that looks like a barbecue restaurant and couples of bars that looked more like cafe.

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Hi, I am planning to move to Zhaoqing within one month from Thailand. Can you recommend an apartment or house to rent ?



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