Kennels/dog sitters?

Hi, I live in a village about an hour south of Agadir but my partner and I are considering moving to Agadir. Does anybody know of any kennels, or people who might consider looking after our beautiful Moroccan pooch, on the occasions when we're out of the country? Thanks in advance

Hello rusty robin.

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You can try to post an advert in the Pets section in the Agadir classifieds. It can help.

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I live just north of Agadir in a small village and have 1 indoor dog and several outdoor/walking companions that I take care of.  I understand your concerns. If your dog is a good socialiser perhaps he/she could come here for holidays?


Hi Hazel,I read your comments about dog was 20012 article.I am travelling to Agadir at  the end of December 2014 with possibly my dog,he is chipped and vacinated with passport foto and book.He is very gentle a cross between a Labrador and Collie I think about 6 years old has been castrated and very obedient and house fact everything on the tin ) Please let me know if you are still contactable .I have stayed alot in Aurir and around Agadir a good few times.From John living in  Ireland

Oh My Goodness... I completely forgot about that post.

Yes I am still here - now have 3 indoor dogs and several other walking companions!  Are you thinking of moving out permanently?

Hi thanks for quick reply ! Yes its awhile ago ! No Im not planning to live permanently at the moment but it is on the cards Im bringing my motorhome but friend who introducedme to Agadir is taking an apartment.seperately..I hope to stay for approx 3 months but not finilaised plans yet.Delighted you have set up for dogs ! Ill be in touch soon with them and check about your details. :)

Just wanted to make sure there was no misunderstanding... I am not in the business of dog sitting!  In an emergency I would always try and help.

Hi Just to let you all know that I can do dog or cat sitting.  I am actually in the process of setting up a kennels here on my land where I live about 15 mins outside of Agadir.  I am a real animal lover with quite a few pets. Cats, tortoises, chickens, an acre of land with obviously plenty of space to exercise and outside buildings being turned into kennels. It would be my pleasure to look after any of your beloved pets when that time is called for.  Any more info or you want me to help just let me know!

well ZoeJane let us know when you are open for business.

which side of Agadir are you?

Hi We are on the road heading out towards Marrakech in commune Drarga and can take in pets from now!

Hi ZoeJane

I have an English friend who might be looking for soneone to board her dog when she goes back to visit family (a week or so at a time).  Woukd you please message mecyour email address so I can pass it on?

Hello ChristinaMaroc

I have sent you a private message

Thank you have passed it on.  Best wishes with your venture.

Please see the last post on this thread too. Upthread there is another resource mentioned

thank you

hi Zoe,

I need a reliable kennel in Agadir, various dogs at various times, especially during the summer months.
Would you kindly get in touch if you are up-and-running and can help

many thanks


Hello Pooch1

I have sent you a private message

Hello - We are in Agadir Marina and would like to visit Marrakech overnight. Would you be available to watch out dog for 2 days/one night? She is about 20 kilos and 16 years old - not too active!

OK ase contact Zoe at the Caniche Ranch 0653835158

Hello Mark.  I have sent you a private message.

And thank you Christina!

If anyway need someone to watch and take care of his/her dog/dogs for day, 2 days or week , I am available
I am living in Ennahda ( close to talberjt-city center ), I live in large apartment 100 m2, gardens are all around me
Best regards

Dear ZoeJane
I just joined, and am looking for dog kennels for two weeks in Feb to March 2018. I dont know if you are still looking after dogs, and if so, can you send me details of where you are? I live just north of Essaouira.
best Anna Bramwell

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