Permesso question

nail_afandi :

Hi im master student in rome
i left rome in 15 june , and my permesso expired in 22 September and i bought my return ticket for 20 september. Is this a problem ?

As its just 2 days I would not think so, but you would have to ask the authorities.

Dear sir,
I have two years permisso di soggiorno, I want to stay in Pakistan one years, is it possible for me to stay in Pakistan one years ?


I'm currently a student in Italy. My residence permit will end in couple of days normally i would be applying to the new residence permit but there are couple problems on the school part so i have to wait maybe 1 extra week over my expiry date. Is there a grace period after the end of my residence permit so that i can stay without a problem until my new application for the new permit? Thanks much

Hi everyone,

My permesso di soggiorno expires tomorrow and i am waiting for a new contract from my employer still that i should receive in the next few days. Can i apply for the renewal after it expires?

Not much that you can do otherwise...  ;)

Hello guys,
Could anybody help me with this.......I posted my pds kit for renew, and I was given thumbprinting date at the post office, I arrived at the questura on the date that was give to me but my kit was not found. It's been 2months now still my kit is nowhere to be found. Please I need help.

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