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Hi, I’m a student here in Italy. I have a question, I’ll be finishing my study at the end of March 2018, but my permesso di soggiorno will be expired on March 5, 2018. And I’m planning to go on vacation to the Netherlands after for a few days (maybe in the first or second week of April). My question is, should I renew my permesso di soggiorno like usual? Or is there any way to hold the renewal? And can I travel to schengen countries considering this situation? Thanks a lot.

Hi, I'm wondering is this rule still go on in 2017, My permesso will finish end of January and my master course it seems to finish one those days (they don't have an exact date yet). after the course, I want to stay for look for the job is still possible to stay 60 days after expires date? and in case I want to leave the country without continuing renewal one, would it be any problem to apply new visa (work or tourist from my country?)

thank you

60 Days

Question: The type D visa is no longer relevant once you have the permesso---is this correct? What if the PDS is only valid on a certain date, but according to your visa you technically can stay beyond that date (duration of stay)? Should I request for extension or no need?

The reason I am asking is because I am staying just 2 days after the end of validity of my permesso as this is the flight I have, and this is reflected in my Type D visa duration of stay.

Hope someone could help.

Yes with two years permesso di shogorno it is possible two stay in your home country for 1 year
you can find detail in this website

I need some information about permesso di soggiorno.
I already applied for new permesso di soggiorno.
Last couple of months before.
And I have done my biometric. (Fingerprints)
Last two months before.
Now i have to go, my country for more then 3 months.
So now, can stay Bangladesh more then 3 months with my ricevuta?
And I want to know, actually how many months people can stay out of Italy with ricevuta?
Please let me know.
Thank you.

ciao , i have a question ,i am an Asylum seeker in Italy and i am still in process , my case is already in tribunal and my next hearing date is 05.03.2019. my Permesso di soggiorno expired more than a year ago . 5 month before i went to my related questura for renewal of my Permesso di soggiorno and give me appointment for next 6 month , my father died i had to come to Pakistan , now i have more than a year old expired Permesso di soggiorno . now i desperately wanted to go back to Italy , please suggest how is it really a possible for me to go back to Italy , i will really appreciate your details answer .
thanks you very much

You'll have to apply for a visa at the Italian embassy in Islamabad (or Lahore).


I am a student and now my permesso is going to expire in January and I am willing to stay untill early february , does it becomes mandatory for me to renew the permesso as i see there is 60 days for renewal but i dont want to get it renewd as i wont be here to go for the interview later.

Also if i plan to revisit the country anytime later in my life will it cause any issue in availaing tourist visa, considering my permesso was not renewed.


Does anyone know the answer to this question.

  The question is quite different for me. But i can only ask you to meet some one in Immigration office (Questura) who are responsible for finger prints.



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