Wuxi expat life?!?! What is the craic?!?

Ok so I've just moved to Wuxi for work, along with a few other teacher friends. I'm Irish and have moved from Cambodia recently. Been to a couple of expat bars in town but wondering about the size of the expat scene here? Would would love to hook up with other expats old and new to hang out and explore the city....either that or there'll be a seat on the Maglev with my  name on it, written in permanent marker!
looking forward to hearing some friendly banter!


Well, I've never been to Wuxi, but I know someone who taught there a couple of years ago and might still know some expats there. He runs a blog called "Life After China". - good luck!

Wuxi city is a good place,

hi nuala,
Happy new year and welcome to wuxi,have u been to suzhou?welcome here quite a number of expat bars to sample.

wuxi is a great place i suppose,atleast it aint as dull as will have a blast.


   i am from india living in wuxi around 9 months . wuxi is nice place to live ,there are so many european live in wuxi.l

Best Rgds

Hello! I'm moving to Wuxi in April and looking to get some information about the city and make some friends.

Hi Spaustin (and everyone ),

I'll be living in Wuxi for 2 years starting in July 2015.
Are you already there?

Hope we can meet up once I get there.

Hi all,

I will be moving to Wuxi from Taicang in October for a minimum 4 years :-) I go now pretty regular for work so been to some of the bars, be good to get some contacts for the banter


I'll be  in Wuxi starting July 2015, let's meet when you get there!


I have recently moved to Wuxi about two weeks ago. I would like to get to meet other expats in Wuxi and start exploring everthing there is to Wuxi.



Hey Pat,

I'm finally in Wuxi!
Wanna grab a beer?


im from hongkong to here in wuxi, anyone in wuxi hang out and drinking some beer? :)


I'm meant to move in the next month or so out your way and I'm definitely down to meet up once i get out there,  Is anyone out in Wuxi?

I spend most of my week ends in Wuxi.. If anyone up for casual meet up's please include me as well.


Hey, still at Wuxi? we can link up.

i have the same hobby  as you , but i am in the city of Yangzhou , welcome to Yangzhou

I will be in Wuxi from 14 to 22 can grab a beer and have party

I just moved here to teach English. I'm looking to meet some new people. If anyone wants to grab a beer let me know.

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