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Enjoyable indeed..

hi, i want to visit Brazil? any one guide me?

Hello Asif,

If you ask this question in our forum as a new topic I'm sure you will get a lot of responses.

William James Woodward, Expat-blog Experts Team

My name is Sirleny Garcia and I was born in Brazil.
I live in Holland for about 25 years. I've got a 18 years daughter.
I'm a pedagogic educator. I've studied Social Pedagogy and I work at a day care center more than 15 years. I've got lots of experiences in this field, specially with children from 0 to 4 years old. I have also experiences and knowledge in nutrition (but not really a degree). And I speak English, Dutch, Spanish, German (basic) and  Portuguese, of course, which is my mother language. Now that my daughter is 18, going to the university  and is moving with her boy friend, I'm planning to do some changing in my life. I want some new challenges and I want to go back to my roots. I want to live in Brazil, but I've got my life here, my daughter here and therefore I don't want to leave Holland for good. I want to live in Brazil half year and half year here.
Some friends told me about expat and I need help to know how to get in contact with expatriates in Fortaleza, Natal or Recife, because that's where I want to move.
Does anybody can help me?
Thanks in advance  ;)

Hi Sirleny,

As a Brazilian citizen you can come and go as you wish, there are absolutely no restrictions. You will however need to apply for a Brazilian passport if you do not already have one, since you're required to enter and leave Brazil on a Brazilian passport regardless of any secondary citizenship you might have. You can apply for a passport at the Consulado-Geral do Brasil that has jurisdicition over the city where you reside.

Regarding your 18 year old daughter, if she was born in the Netherlands did you register her birth with the Consulado-Geral do Brasil in the Netherlands? If she has not already been granted Brazilian citizenship since she's already an adult, she would need to apply to a Federal Court judge in Brazil to be judicially declared a Brazilian citizen. Unless and until she has citizenship or is declared a citizen of Brazil she would only need a Netherlands passport to enter and leave Brazll as a tourist.

Thanks for your reply. I'm a Dutch citizen but to apply for the Brazilian passport shouldn't be a problem. My daughter will stay in Holland. That's why I chose to stay here half year and half year in Brazil.
How do I get contact with expatriates in Fortaleza Natal or Recife?

Born in Brazil, you're still also a Brazilian citizen under jus soli, despite any other citizenship you may have. Brazil recognizes multiple citizenship.

To find out who's in Brazil just click the city you want in the DESTINATIONS box on the right side of the next page. Then click on NETWORK in the green banner above. Fill in nationality as desired, in the Status field select LOCAL and you can refine the search even further by selecting age or gender, then click on search. You'll get back a list of all members matching you search in that city. You can repeat the same process by clicking on any of the 20 destination cities and you'll get back only members in that city.

Thanks a lot! I'll check them out  ;)

Oi!tudo bem?

@ pj4life > In english please. As you are a new member, can you please introduce yourself?


Priscilla  :cheers:

Hi!like you can see it on my post ,im Pj,i from Haiti,i leave in Brasil since september 2013
But i  searche this site to meet new peaple  all over cuntry in the word jaspora here for frenchip,an to talk to about our experiance in this cuntry to.Nice to meet you!


My name is Christine and I'm currently living in the UK.

I will be going to Rio in January, taking part in a Christian volunteer program for 3 weeks.

After that I would like to move to Salvador de Bahia to look for an English teaching job.

I have a TEFL and Celta qualifications.

If anyone knows of any English school that may be looking for teachers please let me know :)

Hi Christine,

On behalf of everybody hear at Expat-blog, welcome on board.

I'm sure you'll have no problem finding a teaching position in Salvador once you get there. Not with your qualifications. The only problem will be getting enough teaching hours. If you're lucky that shouldn't be a problem, but some find they may have to make themselves available at a couple of schools in order to get enough classes... something to think about anyway.

William James Woodward, Expat-blog Experts Team

Hello Everyone!
My name is Mark Cary. I am 54 years old, and I am currently living in Gustine California, 2 hours from San Francisco. I grew up in Encinitas in north San Diego county, and I have always loved the Beach.
I am planning to move to Brazil in the next few years, and after having done 3 years of research on a good place to live in South America, I chose Brazil. I am focusing on the areas of Florianopolis, and around there. I went to Santarem last year and learned about the details of entering Brazil, and traveling in Brazil, renting a car, and driving around. I am learning Portuguese, and Spanish, and I realize the value of being fluent in the language of Brazil, and also South America in general. I like what I have been learning about Florianopolis, and the potential for living a nice life there. I still have a lot to learn, but I am open minded, and optimistic about the area, and living in Brazil. I am happy to be a part of this group, and I look forward to learning more about Brazil and the opportunities for business in Brazil. I have a background in auto racing, and have been involved in Off Road Racing in the deserts of Baja California, and the south western deserts of the United States, Vintage Car Racing, and SCCA Sports Car Racing for 20 years. I have been working in metal fabrication and welding for many years, and I have been an industrial engineering and maintenance technician for the last 19 years. I am also very interested in Health and Nutrition, and am planning on developing a business involving Health and Nutrition, and other products that will be helpful to people in Brazil. I will be happy to talk with anyone about Florianopolis, and other areas of Brazil, and anything that I can be helpful with. I really value everyone's opinions, and perspectives on life in Brazil. I am very impressed with the information and helpful suggestions I have read here. Some of the stories are very interesting and inspiring. Thanks for all of your great posts, and I am glad to be a part of this group.

Hi Mark,

From everybody here at Expat-blog, welcome aboard. I hope that you'll find out all the information about Brazil that you need here on the forum. It's pretty much all here if you look for it. There's also a handy "Search the Brazil Forum" box right above the green "Post a new topic" button on the main Brazil Forum page. I'm sure you'll find it helpful.

One piece of advice that I give to everyone, if you haven't already spent an extended period of time Brazil, you really should do so before considering a permanent move. Brazil is not for everybody, and not everybody is cut out for Brazil either. It is not possible to get an accurate image of this country on a short vacation, only after 3 to 6 months here can one get a true picture of life here, once they've gotten over the typical "honeymoon" period that we get in a new place.

James    Expat-blog Experts Team

Thank you very much James. I will keep this in mind. I appreciate your help and advice. I am looking forward to learning more about Brazil. I  have a  Brazilian girlfriend in Sao Paulo and she has been very helpful. I  know that it is not for everyone. I will try to spend more time in Brazil before I move to  Brazil,  but I am limited in my ability to spend a lot of time there first,  but I understand what you are talking about. I have spent many months in Mexico  in the past, and it is very important to know how it is to live in a place before making the commitment to living there. It pays to be open minded, and I will be happy to hear from anyone about life in Brazil. I  think that I have a lot to offer Brazil  as well. I  have read about the good,  and the bad, and I understand the  reality of Brazil.  It is going through a very difficult time brought on by greed, and  other factors.  I am going to work on  being part of the  solution.
Thanks for welcoming me to the

Hi everyone! I'm Cheyenne and an American citizen. I'm been in a relationship with a Brazilian citizen for the past three years now and am finally finishing up with college so I can go and live there with him. He lives in Fortaleza and I've been there 2 times in the past two years and he has come and visited me on several occasions as well. I already posted on the forum about getting married in Brazil on a tourist visa and hope that some one could please help me out. As a Chinese adoptee, to an American citizen, my birth certificate is different than most and I'm afraid this will cause problems to arise.  If anyone could help me, that would be much appreciated :-)

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